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12:45 | 2012-10-10


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Iran's War on Narcotics:

Iranian Police Seize 50 Tons of Narcotics at Southeastern Borders

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian border guard forces have discovered and seized 50 tons of different types of narcotics at the country's Southeastern borders since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2012), a provincial police official said on Wednesday.

Speaking to FNA, Colonel Mehdi Mansourzadeh, the advisor of the commander of Sistan and Balouchestan border guard units, said that the Iranian police have intensified control and increased entanglements along the border regions of the Southeastern province, including digging canals and installing barbed wire, and added that the measures have created major problems for drug-traffickers.

"Fortunately, we have discovered almost 50 tons of different types of narcotics during the first 7 months of the current (Iranian) year, thanks to the these measures," Mansourzadeh stated.

Iran is on a crossroad of international drug transit route linking the world drug hub, Afghanistan, to the Persian Gulf and European countries.

Iran spends billions of dollars and has lost thousands of its police troops in the war against traffickers. The crackdown has cost Iran more than 600 million dollars over the past two years. Last year, Iran allocated over $150 million to strengthen border security and block the entry of terrorists and drug traffickers into the country.

Iran has 5,440 kilometers of land borders. The country shares its Northern borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan which extend for more than 2,000 kilometers, including about 650 kilometers of water along the Southern shore of the Caspian SeaIran's Western borders are with Turkey and Iraq, and to the East with Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman littoral states form the country's 1,770 kilometers of Southern border.

In September, Commander of the Iranian Border Guard Units General Hossein Zolfaqari said that the country is closely monitoring its border regions through high-tech equipments, including optical and radar systems.