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15:55 | 2012-11-11


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Egyptian Politician Urges Obama to Stop US Meddling in Arab States

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent member of Egypt's Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) called on Washington to stop meddling in Egypt and other Arab states, and urged US President Barack Obama to change his diplomacy in dealing with Arab countries during his second term of office.

"Washington's diplomacy should not be based on interference in the domestic affairs of Egypt and other Arab countries," Ossam al-Oriyan, a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood, told FNA on Sunday.

Egypt's Revolution and President Mohammad Mursi's policies will bring balance to the Cairo-Washington relations during Obama's second term in office.

Last month, another senior Egyptian politician called on President Mursi's government to end Cairo's strategic partnership with Washington, underlining that relations with the US have had no benefit for Egypt.

"Egypt should end its strategic partnership with the US and replace it with Arab-Islamic strategic relations," parliament member and leader of Egypt's al-Jill Party Naji al-Shahabi told FNA.

He also advised the government of President Mohammad Mursi to stretch new horizons for the expansion of cooperation with independent states and those countries which are not under the US hegemony.

In relevant remarks in September, the Egyptian lawmaker also urged Cairo to strengthen ties with Arab and Islamic states in a bid to establish a front against the Zionists' plots.

Al-Shahabi called on Mursi's government to end Egypt's dependence on the US and form a diverse foreign policy and establish stronger ties with emerging powers and Islamic states.

"We advocate diversity in foreign policy and tendency towards the East, China, India and Brazil with our emphasis specially laid on the development of ties with Iran, Turkey, Damascus, Riyadh, Indonesia and all Islamic states," Shahabi said.

"We want the creation of an Arab-Islamic axis, an axis with the capability to confront the plots hatched by the Zionists against the Arab and Islamic world."