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18:55 | 2012-10-12


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Cleric: West Seeking to Push Turkey into War with Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Sediqi cautioned that the West is trying to push Turkey into war with Syria in a bid to weaken the resistance front against Israel.

Addressing a large congregation of worshippers on Tehran University Campus on Friday, Sediqi pointed to the recent border skirmishes between the two neighboring countries, and said these developments indicated that Turkey, with NATO and the West, wanted to weaken an Islamic country which is anti-Zionist and anti-US.

Iran considers Turkey as a Muslim state which should not act upon NATO orders, he said.

Sediqi said Iran considers this move as the West's plot against Islamic world and the Turkish people who are not satisfied with it are expected to ask their officials not to start fratricide.

Turkish people continued demonstrations in the capital Ankara this week to voice their protest against the recent parliament mandate for cross-border military operations against Syria.

During the rally, people shouted slogans against Ankara's warmongering policies, and stressed that they will not accept Turkey to act as a puppet of the Imperialists.

Last Thursday, the Turkish parliament approved a motion authorizing military operations outside the country's borders "when deemed necessary".

The approval came after mortars fired from Syria killed five people in town of Akcakala, Southeastern Turkey, on October 3.

It was not clear who fired the mortar into Turkey, but security sources said it had come from near Tel Abyad and that Turkey was increasing the number of troops along its border.

Syria said it was investigating the source of the mortar bomb and urged restraint. Information Minister Omran Zoabi conveyed his condolences to the Turkish people, saying his country respected the sovereignty of neighboring countries.