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15:29 | 2012-10-29


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DM Calls US "Source of Cyber Terrorism"

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi rejected US officials' claims about Iran's involvement in cyber attacks, and said this is the US which is actually trying to exert pressure on independent states through cyber terrorism.

"The US is the source of cyber terrorism," Vahidi said, adding that the US levels accusations against others to portray its acts of cyber terrorism as retaliatory measures.

He said the Zionist regime of Israel is a "true instance" of cyber terrorism, and stated, "The regime in cooperation with the US administration is planning and leading cyber attacks through which they are trying to exert pressure on independent states which are against their hegemonic policies."

Meantime, Vahidi stressed Iran's high capability of repelling cyber attacks, and ensured that enemies of the country will fail in their cyber war on Iran as all their other inhumane and devilish plots failed.

The remarks by Vahidi came days after US officials directly or indirectly claimed that they believe Iranian hackers, likely supported by the Tehran government, were responsible for recent cyberattacks against oil and gas companies in the Persian Gulf and that they appeared to be in retaliation for the latest round of sanctions against the country.

In a speech to business leaders in New York City in October, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, called the computer-based assaults probably the most destructive cyberattacks the private sector has seen to date.

While Panetta did not directly link Iran to the Persian Gulf attacks, he later noted that Iran has "undertaken a concerted effort to use cyberspace to its advantage."

In relevant remarks Head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali said that the enemy is developing, mastering and using the hi-tech to strike at Iran.

Addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Sunday, Jalali said his organization aims to harness and reduce threats against Iran, "so, threats determine the direction of our movement".

Over the past few years Iran had been the target of numerous cyber attacks, which had been carried out to disrupt the country's industrial systems, but Iranian experts had been able to successfully monitor and counter the threats.