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19:06 | 2012-10-26


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Syrian Speaker: Armed Groups Unlikely to Respect Ceasefire

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said Damascus believes that armed rebels and terrorist groups, specially those affiliated to the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, will not respect the ongoing ceasefire.

The truce in Syria was put into effect on Friday after Syria's General Command of Army declared truce for Eid al-Adha holidays.

According to Syrian army sources, the truce will last until Monday if armed rebels and terrorist groups respect the ceasefire.

Speaking to FNA about the outlook of the truce, al-Laham said, "We cannot expected armed groups to implement the ceasefire and stand united towards it, specially because there are groups among these terrorists (groups) which are Al Qaeda-minded and are mercenaries who have come to the country to destroy Syria."

The speaker, however, stated that the Syrian citizens are increasingly asking the army to bring to an end the activities of the terrorists in Syria as protecting security and calm in the country is a duty of the Syrian army

In similar remarks on Friday, Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Jihad al-Moghaddasi warned armed rebel groups to respect the truce that started today, saying that Damascus would reciprocate violation of the ceasefire.

Speaking to FNA on Friday, Moghaddasi said that in case of any violation of the truce by armed groups "that will be not a right but an obligation for the Syrian Army to defend itself and public assets as well as the (Syrian) people".

He stressed that Syria will seriously confront those who resort to armed struggle against the government, but at the same time noted that the government is open to talks with those who want political talks.

"Ceasefire is in the interest of Syria so we could find a political solution in Syria," the spokesman said.

The General Command, however, said in a statement on Thursday it would also respond to "terrorist groups trying to reinforce their positions by arming themselves and getting reinforcements" as well as neighboring countries facilitating the smuggling of fighters across borders during that period.