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16:17 | 2012-10-29


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FNA Chief: Enemies Giving Deceitful Coverage to Syria Unrests

TEHRAN (FNA)- Fars News Agency Managing-Director Seyed Nezamoddin Moussavi in a meeting with senior Advisor to Syrian President Basineh Shaban underlined that enemies' propaganda that the country is involved in a great war is nothing, but a big lie which is not even believed by the western powers.

"In my point of view the seditious plot in Syria is like a head without body and they (the enemies) try to distort the reality, it (the situation in Syria) is a terrorist war led from behind the scene by certain countries which themselves have no sign of democracy and this is obvious to the entire world public opinion," Moussavi said during the meeting in Damascus.

"If the US and the West believed an iota of the lies that they tell about the Syrian government's inability to support its soil and people, they would certainly attack Syria but they know what they show in the media to portray the intrigue in Syria as a major war is nothing but a big lie," he added.

Shaban, for her part, appreciated Moussavi for making a visit to Syria, and called on FNA officials to double their efforts to make the world public opinion aware of the reality of events in Syria to foil the western media's distorted and false reports and negative propaganda.

Moussavi visited Damascus last week to inaugurate FNA bureau in Damascus.

He also met with high-ranking Syrian officials, including the country's parliament speaker and information minister, during his stay in the Syrian capital.

On Friday, the FNA managing-director signed a memorandum of understanding with head of the Syrian news agency (SANA) on mutual cooperation.

On Wednesday, Moussavi discussed the current developments in Syria in a meeting with Iran's Envoy to Syria Mohammad Reza Sheibani in Damascus.