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2012-09-30 - 15:04


Algerian Documentary Maker Praises Iran for Holding Resistance Festival

TEHRAN (FNA)- Algerian filmmaker, Samira Saeedi, thanked Iran for hosting a festival with the theme of Resistance.

Saeedi made the remarks during an interview on the sidelines of the 12th International Moqavemat (Resistance) Film Festival in Iran's Southeastern city of Kerman.

The following is the text of her interview.

What is your opinion about the 12th IMFF?
Well, I have to say that it is the festival of Moqavemat (Resistance) and it means all of us care about Moqavemat, and here is the best place for this cause.

How do you like Iran?
It is my fourth time in Iran, but it is my first time here in Kerman. I have been in Fajr International Film Festival, Kish Film Festival, and Independent Filmmakers Film Festival (New Horizon). I like Iran and what makes me come here is the political situation of Iran that is very important, I like Iranian film festivals because it's a place for free thinkers and free filmmakers.

What is your opinion about the theme of the festival which is defined under the title of Moqavemat (Resistance)?
Many people in Iran are working for this cause (Moqavemat) and I feel like I am in harmony with them; I feel those who care about this cause must be united. And policy is also very important in filmmaking and policy is also part of Moqavemat. You know camera is like a weapon for filmmakers, and we have to act as free thinkers.

Do you think the theme of Moqavemat (resistance) can impact the world's point of view about Moqavemat and resistance?
I believe it wouldn't be much effective in a limit time and a place, and Moqavemat cinema should be supported to let the films be made about this issue, and also warn the audiences to be careful about western propaganda. The films must help them to encode the images and massages in western films.