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Rebels Only Seeking to Take Revenge from Syrians
TEHRAN (FNA)- A US think-tank warned that if the Syrian rebels win the war with Damascus, they will seek to take revenge from the people and will embrace neither democracy nor liberalism. ( 16:43:07 - 2013/01/09)

Unknown Assailants Firebomb Arab League Headquarters
TEHRAN (FNA)- Unknown assailants attacked the Arab League headquarters in downtown Cairo. ( 15:45:56 - 2013/01/09)

Iraq Closes Border with Jordan
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Jordanian Public Security Department (PSD) received a notification from the Iraqi authorities that the Jordanian-Iraqi border will be closed from Iraq's side through the Treibil crossing as of Wednesday 6:00am. ( 15:41:24 - 2013/01/09)

Syrian Opposition Figure Welcomes Assad's Offered Reforms
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Syrian opposition figure welcomed the recent peace initiative presented by President Bashar al-Assad which offers talks with opposition and dissident groups as a "serious step" to implement reforms in the crisis-hit country. ( 13:33:44 - 2013/01/09)

Tel Aviv, Washington Discuss Intelligence Cooperation against Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- In recent days Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has discussed with visiting US legislators the Israeli-US intelligence cooperation on Syria, an Israeli official said on Tuesday. ( 12:24:25 - 2013/01/09)

Amnesty: Obama Must Revisit Promise to Close Guantanamo
TEHRAN (FNA)- President Barack Obama must revisit the promise he made in 2009 to close the Guantanamo detention facility and this time commit the US to releasing the detainees or bringing them to fair trial, Amnesty International said ahead of the 11th anniversary of the first detainee transfers to the US naval base in Cuba and just days before his re-inauguration as president. ( 12:24:22 - 2013/01/09)

Amnesty Urges Saudi Authorities to Release Women Protesters
TEHRAN (FNA)- A group of women protesters detained by the Saudi authorities must be released unless they are charged with an internationally recognizable crime, Amnesty International said. ( 12:15:55 - 2013/01/09)

China Rejects Japan's Protest over Disputed Islands
TEHRAN (FNA)- China's Foreign Ministry rejected Japan's protest over Chinese maritime surveillance ships' patrol near a chain of islands claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing. ( 12:15:52 - 2013/01/09)

Mursi 'to Mediate' Talks between Fatah, Hamas Leaders
TEHRAN (FNA)- Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is set to mediate talks in Cairo between the leaders of Fatah and Hamas to help implement a unity pact signed in 2011. ( 11:56:53 - 2013/01/09)

Plane Overshoots Runway at Central Russian Airport
TEHRAN (FNA)- A plane carrying a Russian hockey team overshot the runway in the city of Saransk, republic Mordovia, in central Russia. ( 11:56:50 - 2013/01/09)

Fire Breaks out at Texas Nuclear Power Plant
TEHRAN (FNA)- Fire broke out at a nuclear power plant Tuesday in the US state of Texas, forcing one of two units to be shut down, US media reported. ( 11:45:38 - 2013/01/09)

Train Derails in Johannesburg, Injuring 8
TEHRAN (FNA)- A passenger train derailed in the black township of Soweto, Southwest of Johannesburg, on Tuesday, injuring eight passengers, authorities said. ( 11:44:43 - 2013/01/09)

Opposition Figure: Assad's Peace Initiative Leads Syria towards Democracy
TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Syrian opposition figure said President Bashar al-Assad's three-staged peace plan blocked the way to many foreign plots and can push Syria towards democracy. ( 18:36:35 - 2013/01/08)

Al-Wefaq, HRW Denounce Bahrain Court Ruling
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Bahraini opposition bloc al-Wefaq condemned a court decision upholding prison terms for 13 pro-democracy activists, including eight life sentences. ( 18:11:14 - 2013/01/08)

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