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11:00 | 2013-01-05


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Iranian Inventors Build Fully Smart Drone

TEHRAN (FNA)- A young Iranian inventor said he has built a fully smart drone which operates on its own and cannot be hacked.

Bijan Keynia, the young Iranian inventor told FNA in Iran's Southeastern city of Kerman that he and his colleagues Mehrdad Azadi and Mohammad Ali Moradi started designing and building the smart drone due to the country's need to this kind of aircraft.

Keynia said that the drone is fully smart and works with the help of a GPS navigation system and compass and flies and returns to the initial flying point by checking coordinates and without any remote controlling or any need to a ground control center.

"Since this drone is fully smart, it cannot be controlled and its contact with the (controller) center is cut during the flight and no one can, thus, hack or stop it," Keynia said.

He added that the aircraft enjoys imaging, photography and positioning capabilities and its larger versions can be used for military missions.

Iran has recently made giant advancements in aerospace industries, especially in designing and manufacturing pilotless drones.

Iran has managed to gain considerable achievements in different scientific and technological spheres in recent years, although it is under several sets of the UN Security Council and western sanctions.

Last month, Iran unveiled tens of research projects in different defensive and scientific fields.

The projects were unveiled in an official ceremony in the defense ministry's Malek Ashtar Industrial University.

The unveiled projects in aerospace, laser, power, electronic, chemistry and boost materials, hi-tech materials, cyber defense and civil defense.

In September, Iran announced that it has started using UAVs for its air defense units as part of its broader plans for strengthening the country's air defense capability.