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14:15 | 2013-01-09


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Supreme Leader Communicates Iran's General Policies on Defense, Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei approved and sent Iran's overall policies on defense and security self-sufficiency to the legislative, judiciary and executive bodies.

The policies had earlier been compiled and devised by the Expediency Council and was later endorsed and communicated by the Supreme Leader.

These policies include:

1 - Developing and deepening the culture of self-belief, self-sufficiency, innovation and creativity at all levels and aspects of defense and security,

2 - Promoting software campaign, production and development of science and technology, defense and security research and moving on the frontiers of knowledge with emphasis on indigenization and renovation,

3 - Acquiring superior defense and security technologies needed for the present and future with emphasis on their innovation and support for their development,

4 - Emphasizing the country's self-sufficiency in prioritized defense and security systems, products and services along with the optimization of the existing equipment and increasing their efficacy and efficiency,

5 - Banning the supply of defense and security needs from outside the country, except for the necessities and with the following considerations: - technology transfer should be prioritized, training and support must be provided, the needs must be supplied from a variety of sources,

6 - Outsourcing and attracting partnership of other governmental and non-governmental sectors in providing the needs of the armed forces by meeting security and safety considerations,

7 - Attracting, empowering and employing elite and talented troops by providing the grounds for their growth and reinvigoration to improve capabilities for the development of the country's needed defense and security technologies,

8 - Establishing contact and cooperation with other countries in areas of science, production and trade in relations to defense and security products and services to achieve the goals of overall policies of defense and security self-sufficiency.

9 - Making cost-effective the path of development of the country's defense and security industries and technologies and creating synergy in needed technologies.