The even weaker sex: Faddy diets and fears that muscles aren't feminine have left modern women weaker than their grannies

New evidence suggests humans are getting weaker - today's generation simply don't have the same muscle power as their parents

Fat drivers are 80% more likely to die in a crash: Extra weight stops seat belts tightening properly

Fat drivers are more than three times more likely to die in a car crash than whose of a healthy weight

A new study found fat people are propelled further forward during a collision because their additional soft tissue prevents the seat belt tightening immediately against the bones of the pelvis.

Child hospital admissions for asthma slump after smoking ban

Exposure: Experts believe exposing children to less second-hand smoke could reduce asthma attacks

Experts from Imperial College London believe the law may have made smokers more aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke - even at home, where the ban does not apply.

Buzzer in the neck gives heart patients a new lease of life

'A few years ago I started to get more tired,' said John Joyner

Around a million Britons have heart failure, causing fatigue and breathlessness. John Joyner was the first to undergo a pioneering treatment.

The goggles that soothe dry eyes in 12 minutes

The new device, the LipiFlow system, works by warming and compressing the eyelids to clear the meibomian glands and improve flow

The procedure uses special goggles to gently warm and squeeze tiny glands in the eyelids, which help to keep the eye lubricated.

Donor organs don't just save lives - they transform them. And my family is proof!

'I feel as if I am really living again,' said Michael Lord

Our campaign's inspired 45,000 to sign the donor register. Read Michael Lord's story and join them. Thanks to a kidney transplant, his life has been transformed. His career has taken off — he’s now in a managerial position — and best of all he has become a father and is hoping to marry soon.

Tired, grumpy and cynical? You're not just an old grouch - you may be ill

'I've stopped cancelling engagements at the last minute and am seeing friends more regularly,' said Meryl Cubley

Four months ago, Meryl Cubley was diagnosed with dysthymia — a little known yet common condition characterised by chronically low mood and energy.

When a simple chill can ruin your hearing for good

A simple way for a GP to establish whether someone has sensorineural hearing loss is to use a tuning fork

Muffled hearing after a cold is often dismissed as nothing serious - but could be a sign of irreparable damage.

Mother dies from brain haemorrhage after giving birth to her SEVENTH child at age of 27

Emma Butterfield (pictured on her wedding day) died 11 weeks after giving birth to her seventh child

Emma Butterfield (pictured) of Layton, Blackpool, tragically died at Blackpool Victoria Hospital just days after complaining of a minor headache.

Why a good night's sleep could save your marriage - by making you less selfish

Scientists have found that couples who sleep well better together in tasks and encouraged each other. But sleep deprivation leads them taking each other for granted

Researchers from the University of Berkeley, California, have discovered that sleep deprivation leads to couples taking each other for granted.

Sperm quality has declined by 38% in a decade - and poor diet and lifestyle could be to blame

The Spanish study found that even in young men, sperm concentration fell by an average of 2 per cent a year

Sperm counts are falling at an alarming rate according to scientists from the University of Murcia in Spain. Experts are now warning they could reach a point where fertility is compromised.

Don't read my lips! Why body language could be the key to discovering your partner's mood

People rely on body language to read emotions far more than they realise, say researchers

Think you've upset your partner? Scientists from Princeton University say reading their body language is the most accurate way to gauge their emotional state.

Sorry, your child's puppy fat isn't cute: It could be a sign of trouble to come

Around 13 per cent of four-year-olds are overweight (9 per cent are obese). The problem gets worse with age

It doesn’t seem surprising to learn that obese children are more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even signs of the early stages of type 2 diabetes — a disease traditionally associated with overweight adults — as an authoritative review published in the British Medical Journal confirmed. But, alarmingly, the review also found that children who are simply overweight, rather than obese, are similarly affected, although to a lesser extent.

Taking aspirin for 10 years could double the risk of sight loss

Failing eyesight: Age-related macular degeneration affects a quarter of over-60s in the UK and more than half of over-75s

Taking aspirin could increase the chance of developing the eye disorder 'wet AMD' that can lead to blindness, say researchers from the University of Wisconsin.

Are you fatter (or thinner) than you thought? Oxford mathematician shows flaw in body mass index


Oxford mathematician Nick Trefethen believes the body mass index (BMI) formula drastically overestimates the amount of bulk tall people should have.

Father, 50, diagnosed with breast cancer tells of struggle to convince friends disease was genuine

Paul Caine is one of just 350 men who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year

Paul Caine, from Bolton, initially thought the lump in his breast was a cyst. He is one of just 350 men who are diagnosed with disease every year in the UK.

Migrant baby boom triggers midwife crisis: Half of wards being forced to turn expectant mothers away

The RCM said while midwife numbers were increasing a little, the strain on numbers has led to antenatal care of expectant mothers becoming 'threadbare'

The chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives has warned hospitals are being put under intense strain as they struggle to cope with the highest birth rate in 40 years.

British toddlers are the fussiest eaters in Europe... and parents bribe them with unhealthy snacks to make them finish meals

Fussy: British children are more likely to reject food than those in other countries (picture posed by model)

69 per cent of children under five sometimes refuse to eat what they are given, according to a poll comparing British toddlers with those in other European countries.

White House quadruples to 100,000 the number of signatures required for petitions to get a response from the administration

The White House has increased from 25,000 to 100,000 the number of signatures required for an online petition to warrant an official response from the administration.

The White House has increased from 25,000 to 100,000 the number of signatures required for an online petition to warrant an official response from the administration.

Student goes to bed with a cold and wakes up PARALYSED due to rare nerve condition

19-year-old Alistair Summers went to bed with a cold and woke up paralysed after developing the rare nerve condition Guillian-Barre Syndrome

Alistair Summers, from Lincolnshire, (pictured with parents Bryan and Jacky) was diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the nerves in the arms and legs become inflamed and stop working. At first, he could not walk or talk and communicated mainly through facial expressions and making clicking noises to get attention. He is now using crutches to learn how to walk again.

Sleeping pills pose risks but so does misery of insomnia

Night, night: Although the first port of call is diet and exercise, a sleeping pill does not have to mean addiction

The first-line treatment for insomnia should be therapy. But there are so few NHS therapists that waiting lists in my area are nine months long, writes DR ELLIE CANNON.

Doctors' appeal for more Britons to become life-saving bowel donators

Few donations: Britain need more bowel donators

Consent for bowel donation is lower than other organs, and while 99 per cent of families agree to kidneys and livers, only 79 per cent give the go-ahead for bowels.

Simple blood test that predicts if breast cancer is likely to return

The test detects genetic changes in DNA that could signal return of most common form of breast cancer

Researchers from the University of Alberta said the test could give an early warning that would spare some women unnecessary treatment with gruelling anti-cancer drugs.

How turning HIV against itself 'could provide a cure for AIDS'

HIV budding in human lymphatic tissue

A scientist from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research has worked out how to modify a protein in the virus, so that it instead provides lasting protection from the infection.

Parents' heartbreak after toddler dies from meningitis just hours after tell-tale rash appeared

The 'happy, smiling' toddler's heart stopped three times and her devastated parents were forced to make the agonising decision not to revive her a fourth time

15-month-old Willow Bate, from Gillingham, Kent, was rushed to hospital after her parents saw blotches appear on her chest.

Move over girls, now men want a dose of best-selling anti-ageing collagen drink

After being inundated with requests from men, scientists have now developed a male version of anti-ageing drink Pure Gold Collagen

Active Gold Collagen not only targets fine lines and skin ageing but also repairs muscle damage and boosts cartilage production after exercise, say its makers.

'I think men are much weaker than women': Under the microscope with Joe Calzaghe

'I don't box any more at all. When you finish a professional sports career, you can become lazy,' said Joe

The former world champion and Strictly star, 40, on getting man flu, pushing himself to stay in shape and having a high pain threshold.

Rise of the diabulemics: The diabetic women jeopardising their health by skipping insulin jabs to lose weight

Many young women are foregoing the vital insulin jabs they need to prevent weight gain

Charities are now campaigning for the condition to be more widely recognised as a official eating disorder, as anorexia and bulimia have been for years.

Taking drugs or drinking heavily can affect a man's performance in the bedroom for YEARS

The new research has overturned previous thinking that the body recovers in a matter of weeks

The new findings overturn previous thinking that the body recovers in a matter of weeks, according to the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Meditation can ease pain from stress-related conditions like IBS and arthritis

Mindfulness can be practised both when walking and sitting

People who suffer from painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis could ease their symptoms using a form of meditation, say researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

Viagra 'helps men fight the flab' as well as boost their sex life

Could popping a sex drug help overweight men to fight the flab? It certainly works in mice

The drug converts undesirable white fat cells into beige fat, which burns calories instead of storing them in the waistline, according to a team from the University of Bonn.

Get to 75 and you can eat what you like: Poor diet makes no difference to your health

Over 75? Diets make little difference once you reach this age

You may as well call a ceasefire in the battle of the bulge when you hit 75, say scientists from Penn State University, as it won't reduce your risk of heart disease or Type 2 diabetes.

The young woman who dislocates her shoulder every time she SNEEZES... and it happens up to 10 times a day

Lauren suffers with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic condition which means her collagen is too weak to hold her limbs in place. She is pictured with an arm brace

Lauren Harry, 20, from Wrexham, says her shoulders can dislocate ten times a day. She's been to A&E four times in the last week alone.

How to get a derriere like Emily Blunt: Secrets of an A-list body

When preparing for films, Emily Blunt puts in six days a week at New York City's Tracy Anderson studio

She may not have walked away with an award at the Golden Globes, but the actress stole the show with her figure-hugging gold gown revealing a pert posterior. The British star of Salmon Fishing In The Yemen regularly works out at a university training track in Los Angeles, doing circuits and bounding up the spectator stand steps.

Couple have longed-for son following five failed cycles of IVF - all thanks to a drip containing EGG YOLK

Delight: Hannah and Simon Cope with baby Noah who was born after Hannah had intralipid infusion therapy

Hannah Cope, from Littleborough, near Rochdale, had almost give up hope of becoming a mother after undergoing five unsuccessful rounds of IVF. But the 34-year-old became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy after being drip fed a mixture of egg yolk extract and soya bean oil.

'A dog would have been treated better': Daughter's heartbreak over father's death after he was put on Liverpool Care Pathway without family's permission

Arthur Oszek, 86, was admitted to Ayr General Hospital hospital after a fall. He was put on the Liverpool Care Pathway and had his food and fluids removed for several days

Arthur Oszek, 86, was admitted to Ayr General Hospital hospital after a fall. To his family's horror he had his food, drink and medication removed for several days.

'He's gone to join his sister in heaven': Family's heartbreak as siblings suffering from rare genetic disease both die

John Philpott and his sister Bridie (pictured here in 2007) were the only people in Britain to have a rare strand of Batten disease. Bridie died in January 2011 aged 13 after a four year fight against the disease and John this week, aged 16

John Philpott, 16, and his sister Bridie, 13, from Essex, were the only people in Britain to have a rare strand of Battens disease.

Just two cups of coffee a day could cause male incontinence, warn researchers

Coffee could cause incontinence

Research published in The Journal of Urology suggests caffeine may irritate the bladder, if not causing then exacerbating the problem.

Another good reason to eat your greens: It makes you more optimistic about the future

Eat veggies for a good mood

Harvard scientists have discovered that optimistic folk have higher levels of plant compounds called carotenoids in their blood.

Smartphone apps that diagnose skin cancer give 'misleading' results and could delay life-saving treatment

Apps claiming to diagnose deadly melanoma cancers wrongly dismissed almost one in three suspicious moles

Three out of four apps set up to check a user's photos of skin lesions gave misleading results, according to research published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Migraines are the second biggest risk factor for women suffering a heart attack or stroke

Women who suffer from severe migraines are at more risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, according to a study

Migraines with visual disturbances, known as aura, were a bigger risk factor than diabetes, smoking, obesity and family history, according to the American Academy of Neurology study.


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