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Christof Lehmann: Doha Meeting Failed to Unite Syria's Foreign-Backed Opposition
TEHRAN (FNA)- German political pundit Dr. Christof Lehmann believes that the Doha conference failed to unite the Syrian opposition and there are many conflicting interests even among those nations who support the foreign backed opposition.

American Activist: US Seeking Violent Solution to Syrian Crisis

TEHRAN (FNA)- American physician and peace activist Dahlia Wasfi believes that the US government has hypocritically turned a blind eye to the suffering of the people of Bahrain under the oppression and crackdown by the Al Khalifa regime, while using the unrest in Syria to Balkanize and disintegrate the country and further its agenda for the Greater Middle East. ( 11:14:56 - 2013/02/05)

German Journalist: West-led Armed Opposition in Syria will Fail

TEHRAN (FNA)- German journalist and magazine editor Manuel Ochsenreiter believes that the Western powers along with the regional countries are backing and financing terrorists and insurgents in Syria, because each of them have certain interests linked to the disintegration of the Syrian government and the removal from power of President Bashar Assad. ( 11:10:17 - 2013/01/13)

Ambassador: Iran-Azerbaijan Moving on Right Course

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's envoy to Baku says ties between Iran and Azerbaijan are moving in a positive direction although there have been ups and downs in the relations between the two neighboring nations. ( 11:10:05 - 2013/01/13)

Ali Karimi to Pursue Children's Rights after Parting from Professional Soccer

TEHRAN (FNA)- Asian wizard Ali Karimi, who is one of the three nominees for the 2012 Asian player of the year after winning the same title in 2004, said that he hopes to expand and boost his social activities to defend children's rights and promote clean sports in Iran and the world after retiring from his professional soccer career. ( 16:55:09 - 2012/11/24)

Muslim Thinker Blames US for Continuing Blind Support for Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Prominent Muslim thinker, Zafar Bangash, lashed out at the US for continuing its dishonest and dual-track approach towards Muslims and pursuing a completely biased position on Israel's large-scale invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip. ( 19:52:04 - 2012/11/21)

French Journalist: Syrian Armed Groups Becoming Criminal Gangs

TEHRAN (FNA)- French journalist and author Thierry Meyssan says that the Syrian government had accepted to implement a ceasefire before the 4-day truce of the Eid al-Adha two times, but each time the ceasefire was used by the NATO to smuggle arms into Syria and equip the armed groups and terrorists. ( 13:51:31 - 2012/11/17)

FNA Deputy Director Cites Root Causes of Middle-East Hatred for US

TEHRAN (FNA)- In an interview with Ru Freeman, a US-based freelancer, Fars News Agency Deputy Managing-Director Seyed Yasser Jebraily described the root causes of the Muslim world's anti-US feelings. ( 18:40:22 - 2012/11/14)

Kashmiri Author: Invoking Freedom to Justify Blasphemy Most Stupid Thing

TEHRAN (FNA)- Almost one month after the release and distribution of the sacrilegious movie "Innocence of Muslims" which insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims scholars are still having discussions over the movie and the larger plans aimed at demonizing and stigmatizing Islam and portraying a biased and distorted image of the Muslims. ( 10:02:11 - 2012/10/29)

EU Parliamentarian: UK Victimizing Iran for Sake of EU, US

TEHRAN (FNA)- Nigel Farage, a renowned British politician and the leader of the UK Independence Party, believes that the UK government is taking side with the European Union (EU) countries and the US in its diplomatic relations with Iran and intends to victimize Iran for the interests of its allies. ( 15:33:55 - 2012/10/22)

Lebanese Scholar Urges Muslims to Raise World Public Awareness of Islam
TEHRAN (FNA)- Lebanese researcher and scholar Moufid Jaber believes that Muslims around the world should get united in order to acquaint the Western public with the realities of Islam which the mainstream media withhold from them. ( 11:27:27 - 2012/10/13)

American Radio Host Calls Iranian President Source of Inspiration, Hope

TEHRAN (FNA)- One of the main programs of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while visiting New York to attend the 67th annual UN General Assembly session, was holding meetings with different groups of Americans, including the leaders of Abrahamic religions. ( 16:52:08 - 2012/10/10)

Irish Journalist: Anti-Islam Video Aimed at Fueling Clash of Civilizations

TEHRAN (FNA)- The offensive movie "Innocence of Muslims" which insulted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and portrayed a biased image of Muslims is still drawing international condemnation and people from around the world, with different nationalities, religious belongings and occupations are lashing out at those behind this sacrilegious movie and those who promoted it. ( 09:40:13 - 2012/10/06)

American Author Praises Iranian President's "Worthwhile Public Diplomacy"

TEHRAN (FNA)- In his 8th and last trip to New York to take part in the United Nations General Assembly, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took part in different meetings with various groups of Americans, including university professors and students, leaders of Abrahamic religions, anti-Zionist Jews and media personalities. ( 11:06:59 - 2012/09/30)

US Commentator Takes Israel Responsible for Anti-Islam Movie

TEHRAN (FNA)- American political commentator and radio host Mark Dankof believes that the Israeli regime and its allies were behind the production and distribution of the anti-Islam movie which has insulted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and ridiculed the Muslims' sacred beliefs. ( 13:06:16 - 2012/09/29)

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