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If you need any information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the national Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Hon. Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin who is the Official Spokesperson for the Government of the Republic of South Sudan through any of the officers listed hereunder:


Mr. George Garang Deng,
Undersecretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,
Tel: +211-477-124-421 / +211-129-077-409



Mr. Mustafa Biong Majak Koul,
Director General of Information,
Tel: +211 912 330 004, +211 957 102 815, +211 920 222 222, +254 731 731 539
Email: /



Mr. Arop Bagat,
Director General of Southern Sudan Radio and TV,
Tel: +211-912-452-275.


Mr. Paul Jacob Kumbo,
Director of Public Information,
Tel: +211-102-557-303.


For any general comments, technical feedback or difficulties experienced while using the web site, please, send e-mail to



This article was updated on Jan 28, 2013