There are about seven national parks and twelve game reserves in South Sudan. Recent surveys by the government in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society reveal that these parks and reserves have diverse wildlife species. They were inaccessible to human populations during the civil war and are today inhabited by large populations of kob, hartebeests, bongo and topis, giant and red river hogs, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, chimpanzees and forest monkeys, hippos, hyenas, gazelles, zebras, ostriches and lions.


A group of kob antelopes in Southern Sudan


In 2011, the Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism plans to develop and review policies and laws to regulate wildlife conservation in the country, develop management plans for protected areas and sensitize the public on conservation.


A group of ostriches in Southern Sudan


The GoSS has stimulated growth of the hotel and hospitality industry to support the gradually maturing tourism sector in the country. There are several hotels now operating in the region in very close proximity with the tourist attraction sites. GoSS is also committed to conserving flora and fauna through appropriate policies and initiatives.

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