Kadugli Calling: Ongoing Efforts Show Real Results in War-Torn South Kordofan State

January 30, 2013– Last week, UNDP DDR staff along with counterparts from the Sudan DDR Commission (SDDRC) traveled to South Kordofan State to monitor and evaluate ongoing project activities in the conflict-ridden state. Visiting a newly constructed centre for the disabled as well as civic education classes in Dilling and Kadugli, the team got a firsthand view of the work on the ground. The DDR programme through local NGO SOLO has put 23 war-affected women from four different localities in Training of Trainers (ToT) on both food processing and literacy skills. The trainings aim to empower these women to relay the skills they have acquired to other community members, and improving their quality of life. Overall, 400 women, both civilians and those associated with the different armed forces, are expected to learn literacy, numeracy and food processing life skills.

Salwa Mohamed is one of these newly trained trainers. Thirty-seven years old with one child to support she had to close her business because of the recent conflict making life increasingly difficult for her and her family. Following the recent trainings in food processing, she is finally getting back on her feet. “I am a trainer but I am also a beneficiary. I have learned how to produce yogurt, jam and pasta. Using one pound of milk to produce yogurt, I earn about 4 SDG. I also now make cookies with my own oven” pointing to a collection of preserves next to her, she added proudly: “I sell this jar for 7 SDG, and this yogurt I sell it with 2 SDG, and these are my jars of jam!”

For Habiba Ahmed, a DDR participant and literacy classmate from Kadugli, the trainings imbue her with a real sense of hope, “Thank God we benefited from the programme; I studied before but not like this, and I know a lot and strengthened my education. The things I learnt will help in the future.”

In Kadugli, the team managed to witness the ongoing UNDP-supported efforts to rehabilitate a center for the disabled, where facilities for physical therapy, psychological support, and vocational training are being installed. This renovation is being completed with support by the state ministries of health and social welfare and national NGO JASMAR. Adam Yousif, the centre’s manager, during a speech to the visiting delegation remarked, “We are in South Kordofan today and it is a day for thanks. Thanks for what has been accomplished by these efforts. It means we are satisfied by the efforts of the DDR Commission, UNDP and the implementer JASMAR. Thank you.”

The Sudan DDR Programme is made possible by the generous support of the Government of Japan, the Government of Norway, the Government of Spain and the Peacebuilding Fund.

To see a video of these initiatives in South Kordofan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AORtCX0ZnKw&noredirect=1

To see more photos of these initiatives: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60874196@N02/sets/72157632681812099/

For more information, please contact: Pontus Ohrstedt, Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit, pontus.ohrstedt@undp.org

For more information on UNDP DDR support and achievements throughout Sudan, please see this Special Edition Dispatch which highlights the DDR programme’s 2012 Year in Review
- Sudan DDR Dispatch - annual edition 2012

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