Welcome to the first edition of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) E-Newsletter. This newsletter aims to provide regular updates on UNDP’s contributions to human development in Sudan, achieved through combined efforts of national and international development partners.

Since 1965, UNDP Sudan aspired to bring about real improvement in the lives of the people of Sudan, and in the choices and opportunities available to them.

I arrived here in Sudan in August 2011, full of hope that together we can realize these goals. I am indeed very pleased to head one of the largest development programmes in the world, in a challenging but promising environment of the new Sudan.
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Towards a Cleaner Environment in East Sudan: UNDP Rule of Law Promotes Sense of Citizenship amongst Sudanese Youth
For the first time in Kassala state, hundreds of youth between the ages of 16 and 22 gathered to clean up more than 51 areas, in celebration of Rule of Law Day on 11 October. Sudanese youth toured different locations in Kassala and helped pick up litter in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers caused by littering in Kassala.

Cognizant of the pivotal role of youth in communities, UNDP in collaboration with the Kassala State Ministry of Youth and Sport organized a three-day campaign in Kassala state under the slogan “Attitudinal Change towards a Clean Environment while Promoting the Rule of Law.” The campaign helped instil among the youth a sense of civic ownership and responsibility towards their society and shed light on the importance of voluntarism in today’s society.
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Muslim and Christian Religious Leaders Join UNDP’s Fight against HIV/AIDS
Over the years, religious leaders have always had a strong impact on Sudanese society. Their revered status and tolerant approach have enabled them to reach a wide audience and become engaged with the society’s daily concerns. On many occasions, this helped maintain the Sudanese intricate social fabric.

In recognition of this vital role, UNDP in collaboration with the Sudan National AIDS Programme (SNAP) and the Ministry of Religious Guidance organized a number of workshops across Sudan to raise the awareness amongst religious leaders of the threat of HIV/AIDS.

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UNDP Sudan and Sudanese Expatriates Contribute to Improving Emergency Housing in Sudan
UNDP Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN) project in collaboration with the Institute of Technological Research (ITR) organized a two-week training October 1-12 targeting researchers and engineers at ITR. The objective of the training was to embark on a joint research project to investigate technologies that address emergency settlements in Sudan using alternative materials.
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UNDP and Ministry of International Cooperation Visit Kassala State
UNDP and the Ministry of International Cooperation (MIC) held their first joint mission to the state of Kassala on October 11-13. The joint mission visited a number of sites where the local government and UNDP are making a difference on the ground: namely, the Kassala Vocational Training center, recently revamped by UNDP; the Kassala Justice and Confidence Center; and the UNDP-supported Kassala Blood Bank and TB/ HIV Clinic.

Mr. Ahmed Hussein, head of the UN Directorate at MIC, viewed this mission as “An excellent opportunity for the ministry to see the impact of UNDP-supported activities on the ground and to foster better relations between MIC and UNDP in implementing development projects. I now have a completely changed perception of UN’s work in Kassala.

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Other News

UNDP discusses with Governments Officials, NGOs and UN agencies Recovery and Prospects for Long Term Sustainable Development in Darfur

During his first visit to Darfur, the newly appointed UNDP Country Director Mr. Sayed Aqa met with the Wali of North Darfur, Mr. Osman Kibir, on October 9 in El Fasher. Mr. Kibir commended the work of UNDP throughout the years, particularly its focus on sustainability and capacity development of state institutions and NGOs in the three Darfur states.

Mr. Aqa and Mr. Kibir also discussed the pivotal role played by NGOs in improving and complementing basic services at the community level in Darfur and ways to further improve it. During the meeting, the UNDP Country Director explained that these and other efforts of UNDP – in partnership with government institutions and civil society organizations – will not only help promote equitable recovery and development of communities with a focus on the needs of the poor, but will also contribute to peace and stability through employment generation, transparent governance and universal access to justice.

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UNDP and Ministry of Justice Organizes Fora on Constitution Making

A nation’s constitution articulates principles, rules and processes that define the institutions of the State, their duties and functions, the relationship between such bodies and the citizens as well as the rights and duties of the citizenship itself.

In recognition of this pivotal issue now when Sudan is experiencing a period of transition, UNDP collaborated with the Ministry of Justice to organize a series of fora in Sudan’s 15 states this month on the constitution-making process.

The main objective of the workshops was to ensure a wide popular consultative process on the drafting of the new constitution. Through these consultative workshops, the constitution becomes more likely to better reflect the needs and demands of the nation’s citizens as a whole and, therefore, more likely to gain their respect and support.
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