Democratic Governance

Years of unrest and civil war have left Sudan with large population displacement and widespread destruction. Institutions of governance have been seriously undermined and the domestic capacity for service delivery very limited in many parts of the country.

UNDP Sudan democratic governance and Rule Law programme, supports governance institutions and capacity building at all levels. This includes support to local governance, public administration reform, decentralization, civil service development, civil society participation, strengthening of the judiciary, and support national elections and the Constitution making processes.

The governance agenda aims at fostering an open, evidence-based and tolerant environment for citizens’ social dialogue on critical issues about the future of the country. Promotion of the principles of inclusion and better management of public finances and resources in addition to increased accountability of public institutions, elected officials, and civil servants are amongst UNDP’s key priorities for development in Sudan.

UNDP is currently assisting the country in meeting post-conflict expectations with new legal and judicial structures by building the capacity of the national Judiciary and by also supporting the process of legislative reform, including efforts by the Ministry of Justice to develop legal aid legislation. Through its work in different parts of Sudan, UNDP focuses on strengthening access to justice and promotion of the rule of law to empower marginalized and vulnerable groups.

A key achievement in bringing transparency and coherence to government financial management at the state government level, has been the adoption of the Government Financial Statistics National Budgeting Framework in the three eastern states. UNDP has encouraged strategic planning initiatives with the development of long-term strategic plans for Kassala, Gedaref and Red Sea states to reach the MDGs and The National Security and Stabilization Plan (NSSP) goals and targets. This, included initiatives in communities and localities and resulted in 10 development plans that harmonize state goals.

In addition to promoting access to justice, human security, and law enforcement in Abyei, South Kordofan State, and Blue Nile States - all hard hit by the conflict, UNDP is also implemented a major rule of law programme that establishes the groundwork for the restoration of peace and security in Darfur and peaceful conflict resolution in Eastern Sudan. Furthermore, UNDP is assisting the country in meeting the expectations of post-conflict Sudan, with its new legal and judicial structures, by building the capacity of the National Judiciary.

The following list provides detailed information on the governance and rule of law activities across the country:

Decentralization, Local Governance and Urban/Rural Development
Local Governance Development Public Expenditure and Management in Eastern Sudan
Support to the Abyei Civil Administration Project
Local Governance Capacity Building Project in South Kordofan
Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN)

Justice and Human Rights
Strengthening Access to Justice and Human Security in Three Protocol Areas
Access to Justice and Confidence Building in Kassala State
Strengthening Rule of Law and Sustainable Protection in Darfur
Capacity Building of the Sudan Judiciary

Closed Projects
Poverty Alleviation – Oriented Governance Project in Red Sea State
Political Parties Development
Joint UN Integrated Community-Based Recovery And Development Project in South Kordofan
Preparatory Assistance- Parliamentary & Political Parties Development in Northern Sudan
Capacity Building of African Union Forces in Darfur
Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Darfur
The Support to the National Strategic Planning Process
Support to Public Sector, Decentralization and Capacity Building Project (PSCAP)
Good Governance and Equity in Political Participation in Post Conflict Sudan
Strengthening Human Security for Vulnerable Groups in Khartoum IDP Camps and Squatter areas
Support to Elections and Democratic Processes
The Southern Sudan Referendum Project
The Abyei Area Referendum Project


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