Southern Sudan road safety campaign

By Danielle Botti, Information Officer, Rule of Law Unit, UNDP Southern Sudan

Traffic accidents, particularly motorcycle accidents, are a widespread problem across Southern Sudan. More vehicles on the roads increase the availability of transportation for people, goods, and services, but when road safety procedures and laws are neglected, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are all at risk.

To establish workable public policies for safety, observance of traffic rules, and public conformity with the law, UNDP, UNMIS, and the Southern Sudan Police Service (SSPS) launched the third Southern Sudan Road Safety Campaign, “Protect the Peace: Share the Road”.

Students from schools across Juba, officers from the Southern Sudan Traffic Police, and the SSPS band took to the streets on Saturday, the 14th of February, to march for Road Safety. The march ended at the South Sudan Hotel, where the students staged a number of creative arts performances including drama, poetry readings, songs, and an exhibit of paintings designed to raise awareness on road safety challenges being faced in Southern Sudan.

Under the guidance of UNDP Rule of Law Officers, students crafted their own performances, which encouraged others to support the infrastructure development and safety regulations being launched by the police.
By empowering students to use road safety messages to protect themselves and their fellow citizens, the campaign introduces the public to basic regulations and laws, and enables them to take control of road safety in their communities.

The Southern Sudan Road Safety Campaign, backed by the Southern Sudan Police Services, UNDP and UN Police began in 2007. This highly publicized campaign encouraged communities to keep livestock off Juba’s roads and respect general road safety measures.

In December 2008, the Southern Sudan Traffic Police, UNDP and UNMIS followed up by facilitating a workshop to train traffic police officers from all 10 states on Sudan’s traffic laws and regulations. During the workshop the officers were taught how to collect evidence after a road accident, how to follow proper procedures for road safety, and how to administer basic first aid to accident victims.

The campaign continued in March with the training of 300 traffic control police officers, 30 from each of the 10 states across Southern Sudan. Traffic safety equipment such as reflective vests, stop signs, computers for managing road safety data and other supplies were provided to local traffic police stations to better manage road safety throughout the region.

The Road Safety Campaign fits in with the strategic partnership between UNDP, UNMIS and the Southern Sudan Police Service. It strives to increase awareness and adherence to rule of law and justice throughout Southern Sudan. UNDP, through its Support to Police and Prisons project, funded by the Government of Southern Sudan and the Multi-Donor Trust Fund, is committed to supporting the South Sudan Police Service to enhance rule of law for the people of Southern Sudan.

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