More than 60 Sites Completed and Handed Over

63 out of the 65 newly constructed and rehabilitated sites for the Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing (VCCT) centers, Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) Centers, blood banks, HIV/AIDS resource centers in universities, TB/HIV service provision points, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission centers (PMTCT) Centers in hospitals and drug storerooms successfully delivered by the UNDP/ Global Fund construction project this December. After two years of assessment and preparation of sites all over the 15 states of northern Sudan, and a year of construction work by 3 contracted civil engineering companies the UNDP/ Global Fund engineers are about to complete the final leg of their marathon building spree.

10.6 million dollars was allocated for the construction of 80 sites including 15 sites in Darfur zone which are expected to be handed over by June 2011.

It was an enormous undertaking led by GFATM PMU and national counterparts who faced many challenges from the start. The project covered approximately 25 cities.. Three contractors were chosen to work on the 65 sites which were divided into 9 lots, a supervising company was recruited to monitor the development of the construction and rehabilitation.

Some of these locations were so remote and hard to access by road that engineers had quite a few adventures just getting there before even the construction could begin. The road to Buram in Darfur took the UNDP/Global Fund engineers through a river where they continued to drive on with no visibility through the murky waters. They took amazing photos such as the ones seen here.

It has been an extraordinary journey for the team and for the contractors who have successfully managed to handover 63 of 65 sites due to be completed by the end of 2010. Congratulations!

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