Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN)

Information for TOKTEN Consultants:

General Information:

Eligible candidate: a professional of Sudanese origin who lives abroad, and has permanent residence or the citizenship of another country.
Duration of TOKTEN service: TOKTEN consultants serve for short time (1 – 12 weeks) to share their professional experiences for recovery and development of Sudan.
.•Number of TOKTEN assignments possible: TOKTEN consultants can be invited again to Sudan for Repeated Assignments.
Status of TOKTEN consultants: They are regarded as International Consultants providing voluntary service for their home country, Sudan.
Support for TOKTEN consultants: TOKTEN support them with specified allowances and not salaries or fees.(see entitlements below).

To review the available assignments (click the TOKTEN Opportunities)Motivated, highly creative, and experienced candidates, who meet the recruitment criteria are invited to complete an application form (click to download and save it) to be included in TOKTEN Roster- in addition to the detailed CV- if available- and send it to

General requirements for TOKTEN consultants:
Any Sudanese national or a person of Sudanese origin living abroad must meet the following criteria to be eligible for inclusion in the roaster as a TOKTEN consultant in Sudan:

• University degree (Bachelor or higher degrees)
• Minimum five years of relevant working experience in a professional area
• At least 25 years of age (there is no upper age limit)
• Ability to work in partnerships and adjust to difficult living conditions
• Genuine interest and commitment to rebuilding Sudan, and willingness to share skills and knowledge.

In addition to the above, the consultant should ensure that the following documents been submitted before his/her arrival to Sudan and after receiving an acceptance e-mail regarding the interviewed assignment:

•Sign and agree the initial Letter Of Notification (LON) which contains the contract entitlements and the Condition of Services (click here) sent by TOKTEN operations (after the review and signature of the UNDP Deputy Country Director).
•Documentary Evidence of Sudanese origin and Living Abroad.
•Documentary evidence of Credentials (Academic and professional Certificates).
•Confirmation for acceptance of the TOKTEN Assignment and TOKTEN Conditions of Service.
•Medical Examination (Medical Certificate of Fitness is needed).
• Life and Medical Insurance Coverage Policy for the period of TOKTEN assignment.
•Ticket information in order to prepare the first payment ( see TOKTEN Consultants Entitlements  below  for more details).

The criteria above represent the minimum requirements for roasters of TOKTEN candidates. The criteria for selection of candidates for TOKTEN assignment will depend on the requirements specified by requesting organizations and institutions for different assignments.

TOKTEN consultants entitlements:



Pre-departure expenses

Payment of pre-departure allowance (One time payment)- (350 USD)


Two way flight ticket reimbursement (converted to equivalent USD at the prevailing UN Rate)


Terminal payment to and fro airport ( 36 USD * 2)

Stopovers UNDSA
* DSA: Daily Substance Allowances

Unavoidable stopovers UNDSA depends on the countries and UN prevailing rates


100 USD per month

TOKTEN consultant Living Allowance

Pro-rata of days @ USD3000/month


Maximum of 3 days reporting time is included in living allowances payment (Optional)

End of assignment procedures:
Upon completion of TOKTEN Assignment, TOKTEN consultants/Volunteers are required to submit:
• TOKTEN Volunteer final report describing his/her work and achievements based on TOR. Click here to download the report.
• Evaluation of activities undertaken. Click here to download the evaluation form
• Possible follow-up activities that the institution will undertake after the completion of the assignment.

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