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In ZamZam Camp: Inhabitants Facing Risk of Programme Closure

An outlook at the desperate premises of ZamZam Paralegal Justice and Confidence Center (JCC) in Northern Darfur is probably sufficient to reflect the hard living conditions and unenviable future of the camp’s residents. This condition has primarily been aggravated by diminishing financial resources that severely affect the camp and the JCC’s functionality and performance. The camp residents suffer from inadequate shelter, low health standards, and lack of gainful employment; all stealing the hope from the camp’s residents.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is providing legal aid through a number of JCCs in Darfur to support the empowerment of local communities, including Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). UNDP provides this aid as part of the process of restoring the confidence in the rule of law institutions, and gradually build a culture of justice, that is conducive to peace and sustainable human development....
If You Can’t Beat it, Adapt to it

In Bara, a locality in North Kordofan that encompasses 90 tiny villages, the greenery can be deceptive. The flat desert sprawls for miles around, dotted with tiny villages where the only colors to be seen are the bright clothes of women coming back from their weekly trip to the central market of Bara town...
“A Real Future for my Project” - DDR in 2012

In a dusty side road in the big city of Omdurman, “Mama” Aisha Juma has carved out her niche. What started as a small childcare centre for neighborhood youths a few years after her demobilization has blossomed into something much more. After years of providing support services to the war effort, ...
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Together with national and international partners, UNDP Sudan will undertake strategic initiatives to support Sudan accomplish peace, stability and sustainable human development that meet the needs and aspirations of the people. In doing so, UNDP will contribute to capability development at national and sub-national levels enabling inclusive, participatory, transparent and efficient governance systems and structures.”

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