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Iranian Navy Produces New Drugs, Radiomedicines
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Navy enjoys high capability in different scientific fields, a navy official said, adding that the Navy has produced new medicines and radiomedicines. ( 16:58:14 - 2013/02/26)

English Nanomedicine Journal Published in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
TEHRAN (FNA)- Mashhad University of Medical Sciences published Nanomedicine Journal in English on the applications of nanotechnology in medicine, pharmaceutics, and basic medical sciences. ( 11:52:00 - 2013/02/26)

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Heart Attacks, Strokes
TEHRAN (FNA)- Results of the PREDIMED study, aimed at assessing the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet in the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, have been published in The New England Journal of Medicine. ( 10:19:34 - 2013/02/26)

Ultrasound Reveals Autism Risk at Birth
TEHRAN (FNA)- Low-birth-weight babies with a particular brain abnormality are at greater risk for autism, according to a new study that could provide doctors a signpost for early detection of the still poorly understood disorder. ( 10:05:11 - 2013/02/26)

VP Sees Sanctions as Opportunity for Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Nasrin Soltankhah underlined ineffectiveness of the US-led western sanctions against Iran and its scientific progress, and said that the country has turned the West's pressures and embargos into an opportunity. ( 15:09:57 - 2013/02/25)

Russian Envoy Stresses Expansion of Tehran-Moscow Technological Ties
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan underlined the necessity for bolstering technological relations between Iran and Russia. ( 14:01:05 - 2013/02/25)

Tehran Hosting Int'l Advanced Technologies Exhibition
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Nasrin Soltankhah inaugurated the Second International Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Tehran on Monday. ( 13:06:11 - 2013/02/25)

VP: Iran Able to Produce 95% of Medical Needs
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi announced that the country is able to produce about 95 percent of its needs to drugs and medical equipment domestically. ( 09:50:48 - 2013/02/25)

Ability of Brain to Protect Itself from Damage Revealed
TEHRAN (FNA)- The origin of an innate ability the brain has to protect itself from damage that occurs in stroke has been explained for the first time. ( 09:07:46 - 2013/02/25)

Scientists Find Surprising New Influence on Cancer Genes
TEHRAN (FNA)- Small stretches of DNA in the human genome are known as "pseudogenes" because, while their sequences are nearly identical to those of various genes, they have long been thought to be non-coding "junk" DNA. ( 09:01:58 - 2013/02/25)

Home-Made Traffic Nanopaints Used in Longest Iranian Tunnel
TEHRAN (FNA)- The municipality of Tehran used traffic nanopaints produced by Pishgaman Fanavari Asia Company on the surface of the passages in Niyayesh Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Iran. ( 13:47:43 - 2013/02/24)

Publication of Over 3,500 Nano-Related Articles in 2012 by Iranian Researchers
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers ranked 8th in the world by publishing 3,512 nanotechnology-related ISI indexed articles in 2012, the latest statistics in StatNano database said. ( 13:36:56 - 2013/02/24)

Coldness Sets Monarch Butterflies Flying North
TEHRAN (FNA)- Each fall millions of monarch butterflies from across the Eastern United States begin a southward migration in order to escape the frigid temperatures of their Northern boundaries, traveling up to 2,000 miles to an overwintering site in a specific grove of fir trees in central Mexico. ( 10:56:11 - 2013/02/24)

Secrets of Important Natural Antibiotic Unveiled
TEHRAN (FNA)- An international team of scientists has discovered how an important natural antibiotic called dermcidin, produced by our skin when we sweat, is a highly efficient tool to fight tuberculosis germs and other dangerous bugs. ( 10:27:51 - 2013/02/24)

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