Handing out steroid cream can leave children in pain: How GPs are adding to the agony of eczema

'Sophia had seen various GPs for eczema every month or so for as long as I could remember,' said Maria Lally, pictured with daughter Sophia

The seven-point plan to a healthy life: Simple lifestyle steps can help prevent cancer and heart disease, new study finds

Findings: Seven simple health lifestyle steps can help prevent cancer as well as heart disease, according to a new study.

Adhering to at least six of the 'Life's Simple 7' list of lifestyle choices from the American Heart Association reduced the overall risk of cancer by 51 per cent.

Once-a-week jab that curbs your appetite could help solve the obesity crisis

Curb your appetite: The new jab could be taken once a week and cuts the amount of calories you consume by 13 per cent

Tests have shown that those on the drug eat significantly less food and that the amount of calories they consume is reduced by 13 per cent.

Taking Vitamin D in pregnancy 'does not help babies develop stronger bones'

Research: The study showed that there was no obvious link between mothers taking Vitamin D while pregnant and the strength of their children's bones

A new study has found no obvious link between mothers who take Vitamin D supplements while pregnant and the strength of their children's bones.

Skimmed milk 'doesn't stop toddlers getting fat': Children who drink whole milk actually gain fewer pounds

Skimmed milk might not make children feel as full as whole milk, resulting in them eating more overall (posed by model)

A study found that two-year-olds who drank full-fat milk put on fewer pounds by the age of four than those on low-fat.

Why are men being denied surgery to revive their love lives?

Although Peyronie's disease affects around 150,000 men in the UK, most of whom are over 40, doctors are still unclear what makes it develop

The NHS funds only around 400 penile implants a year — and the chance of receiving one varies widely depending on where you live.

How to get a stomach like Nicole Scherzinger: Secrets of an A-list body

Running helps to tone Nicole Scherzinger's legs, but she also does dancing, squats and lunges for all-round fitness

The former Pussycat Doll, 34, takes exercise seriously, dedicating hours each week to staying in shape.

Stand up straight to stay fighting fit: From raised blood pressure to a bloated stomach, the surprising effects of bad posture

Those who walked with a slouched body posture reported feeling more depressed and having lower energy levels than those who were more upright

Most of us know from experience that sitting hunched in front of a computer or driving wheel can lead to a stiff, painful back and shoulders. But poor posture can lead to other health problems . . .

Women who wax or shave their bikini lines are more likely to get skin infections, warn doctors

'Brazilians' and other pubic hair removal may boost the risk of viral infection, warns a new study

Research published in the BMJ suggests that the 'micro trauma' caused by waxing and shaving can spread the highly contagious virus Molluscum contagium.

'The older you get, the more exercise you have to do': Under the microscope with Jim Rosenthal

'I've played football, run half-marathons,' said Jim Rosenthal

The 65-year-old TV sports presenter on staying in shape, having chicken pox at 40 and being a good sleeper.

Cap that warns you're about to have stroke

The device is being primarily aimed at patients who have already suffered a stroke and are therefore at increased risk of having another one

The high-tech cap can even sound an alarm if it detects a clot beginning to form on the brain, alerting the patient or their family members to call an ambulance.

Concentration flagging? Listening to Vivaldi could perk you up - but only if it's a lively concerto

Uplifting music can boost mental alertness and concentration, according to researchers who studied the effect of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons

Those who listened to the uplifting strains of the Spring concerto carried out tasks faster and more accurately than the more sombre Autumn passage, say University of Northumbria researchers.

Don't let that tummy trouble just rumble on - it could be ovarian cancer

'I started experiencing intense abdominal pain just before I needed to go to the toilet,' said Caroline Raphael

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women, and 7,000 are diagnosed each year. It has poor survival rates (only 40 per cent survive beyond five years) because the symptoms are similar to other conditions, such as digestive disorders, meaning it can be easily misdiagnosed at the GP surgery. Caroline Raphael thought she had irritable bowel syndrome.

Could a stressful job give you Alzheimer's? New research shows constantly being harassed increases the risk

A study has found that stress steroids, which are elevated in the brain when a person is harassed, inhibit brain activity

Researchers at Umea University in Sweden have found that stress hormones inhibit brain activity - and that chronically elevated levels could cause dementia.

Why that bar of chocolate could make you feel even grumpier: Scientists discover comfort-eating can worsen mood

New research suggests that eating junk food may actually make your mood worse

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that women who are concerned about their diet and self-image experience a worsening of mood after eating junk food.

Cystic fibrosis sufferer, 6, given vibrating bed that helps keep him alive as he sleeps

But thanks to the donation of a £3,000 bed by manufacturers six-year-old Jack's condition is better than ever

Jack Johnstone, six, suffers from a severe form of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which has recently led him to be hospitalised once a month, as he battles life-threatening infections caused by a build up of mucus on his chest.

A quarter of pregnant women are 'highly concerned' about their weight, with 7% suffering from eating disorders

Worried: The study also found that one in 12 pregnant women said they would over-eat and lose control over what they ate twice a week

Two per cent of those questioned were found to fast, exercise excessively, induce vomiting, and misuse laxatives to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy, say University College London researchers.

Want to slim AND repair creaky knees? Have a milkshake

The poor image of a liquid diet could be due a rethink following compelling new research suggesting low-calorie liquid diets can tackle obesity

Dietitians worry that losing weight too quickly could be bad for you, and liquid diets don’t teach you how to eat healthily afterwards. But that poor image could be due a rethink following compelling new research suggesting low-calorie liquid diets can tackle obesity and reverse type 2 diabetes.

Night-time trips to the loo cut our productivity: Workers who get up carry out a quarter less work

Sufferers of nocturia have to wake up during the night to urinate causing them to lose productivity at work

A study from the University of Maastricht has shown that those suffering from nocturia, the inability to sleep through the night with going to the toilet, lose 24 per cent productivity at work.

Love eating prawns? You'll go right off them after we tell you what THEY are fed on

The king prawns are fed on 'trash fish'

King prawns are farmed in Thailand in horrifying conditions, writer Jim Wickens warns. Trafficked labourers work on slave labour terms and the intensive farming causes serious and lasting environmental damage.

I shake with rage that the plastic surgeon that killed my mother is still working: Football star Colin Hendry's daughter launches our new campaign to Stop Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys

Tragedy: Soccer star Colin Hendry with wife Denise a year before she died as a result of a botched liposuction surgery seven years before

Denise Hendry died in 2009, seven years after a botched liposuction surgery. Now her daughter speaks of her anger towards 'cowboy' doctor who did it.

Cosmetic surgery cowboys: I caught flesh-eating bug during breast operation, and was refused compensation from foreign surgeon

Denied help: Bernadette Cini was infected with a flesh eating bug following a breast operation

Bernadette Cini, 62, from Croydon, Surrey developed a rampant infection in her breasts just days after her £5,700 reduction surgery.

Horror of woman, 25, who discovered her £4,000 breast implant was left hanging OUT of her chest

Lauren Yardley had surgery to go from an A to a DD cup - but was left with just one implant after the other one worked its way out of her body

Lauren Yardley, 25, from Coventry, had breast implants to go from a size A cup to a DD. But complications left her with a weak scar, and the implant on her right breast worked its way out of her body (inset). She was forced to live with an uneven chest for seven months, during which time she was forced to use silicon bra-inserts to boost the flat side of her chest.

Are you a born worrier? Just dwelling on stressful events can weaken your immune system and make you ill

Worrying too much? Researchers found dwelling on negative events can increase levels of inflammation in the body

Researchers at Ohio University found dwelling on negative events can increase levels of inflammation in the body.

Could olive oil be the key to weight loss? Scientists discover even the SMELL of it can make us feel full

Olive oil could aid weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer, according to a new study

It's thought the oil helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels, reducing hunger cravings, say researchers at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Vienna.

World first as British man receives liver transplant from revolutionary 'artificial body' that could double the number of organs available

Saved: Iain Christie, 62, became the first man in the world to receive a liver that was 'kept alive' in a machine which mimics the human body

Iain Christie, 62, had the operation at King's College Hospital, London. At the moment, organs must be kept on ice and used within 14 hours of removal. But the new technique expands this window to 24 hours.

Dementia-suffering mother, 75, 'turned into a living skeleton' in just two weeks during care home stay that cost HER £1,500

Nell Perrement, 75, was described by her daughter Karen as a 'living skeleton' after a fortnight stay at St Peter's Residential Home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Karen Perrement arranged for her mother, Nell, (pictured) to stay at St Peter’s Residential Home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She left dehydrated with renal failure.

Doctors baffled by mysterious condition that has left woman looking PREGNANT for 15 years

Miss Turton says her stomach hurts all the time and she suffers from stabbing pains

Joanne Turton, 33, from Hull, has suffered from an undiagnosed bowel condition, which has severely bloated her stomach, since she was 18. After thinking doctors would never find a cure, she was finally trialled on a revolutionary machine, which instantly relieved her symptoms. She is now waiting for surgery to have the device fitted permanently - finally putting an end to her suffering.

The man whose neck is as nearly wide as his shoulders: Chinese patient faces life with huge tumour because his family is too poor to pay for it to be removed

Wang Zhixiang, from Jilin city, Jilin province, has such a large neck tumour that his neck has grown to be almost as wide as his shoulders

Wang Zhixiang, from Jilin province, China, has a lipoma - a fatty benign growth under his skin. He desperately needs surgery as the tumour is spreading around his body. He believes that the problem started when he received hormone treatment following an accident in 2005.

The drink that means you'll never need to eat again: 24-year-old fed up with cooking and shopping creates dinner in a glass

Efficient: Rob Rhinehart developed the all-in-one meal drink after becoming fed up with the amount of time and money he spent cooking

Rob Rhinehart – a 24-year-old software engineer from Atlanta - believes his drink, called Soylent, contains all the vital elements of a balanced diet, but with just a third of the calories.

Hospital patient discharged at 3.30am without a coat in sub-zero temperatures is found 'tearful, frozen and wandering the streets' by police

Michael Atkinson, 64, was discharged from the troubled Royal Bolton Hospital in Greater Manchester before being found by police tearful, frozen and wandering the streets more than half a mile away

Michael Atkinson, 64 (with wife Helen), was discharged from the Royal Bolton Hospital. When police found him, he was also wearing a hospital wristband bearing the name and details of a two-year-old girl.

'It's like being kicked by a horse': Teenager has defibrillator placed UNDER his skin

Blake Calverley has becomes the second heart patient in Britain to be fitted with a lifesaving under-the-skin defibrillator. He suffers from the same heart rhythm condition footballer Fabrice Muamba

Blake Calverley, 18, from Accrington, Lancashire, suffers from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The defribrillator delivers a powerful shock - without warning - when his heart stops.

Sweets that are good for your teeth: Sugar-free treats said to reduce plaque and tooth decay

'Cracking innovation': Peppersmith co-founders Dan Shrimpton and Mike Stevens are behind the sweets that are good for you

Tingz are being launched by Peppersmith, whose co-founder Dan Shrimpton (left, with business partner Mike Stevens) described them as a 'cracking piece of innovation'.

Girl, 12, whose joints dislocate up to TEN times a day - even when she's playing the piano

Kitty Richardson has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Kitty Richardson, 12, from Oakham, Rutland, has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The condition affects the collagen proteins in her body meaning that her joints and bones are weak. The disorder is so severe that she frequently falls over and breaks bones or dislocates joints. She struggles to walk without a stick.

GP receptionist suspended after telling eight-year-old girl who couldn't breathe to wait in line FOUR times because she 'wasn't an urgent priority'

Sam Burgess (right) took her daughter Sophie (left) to Harmoni's out-of-hours GP service at Ipswich Hospital thinking she had tonsillitis

Sam Burgess, of Ipswich, Suffolk, claims her critically ill daughter, Sophie, could have died after a privately-run health centre receptionist ignored her pleas for help.

The woman who sees the world upside down: Rare brain condition means council worker sees everything the wrong way up

Topsy-turvey world: Council worker Bojana Danilovic, 28, sees everything the wrong way up because of a fault in the way her brain processes images

Council worker Bojana Danilovic, 28, from Serbia, sees everything upside down because of an extremely rare condition called 'spatial orientation phenomenon'.

The key to staving off a stroke? One coffee and four cups of green tea a day, say scientists

Green tea

The combination reduced the risk of a stroke by 20 per cent, say researchers from Japan's National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Centre.

Cases of measles soar as experts warn virus can leave children dead or brain damaged

Public Health Wales is encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated

Public Health Wales is warning that 252 people have now been affected by a measles outbreak in the Swansea area. They are urging parents to vaccinate their children.

Cosmetic surgery cowboys: My bumpy nose ended up even bumpier... AND it was broken

Lavern Barnes had nose jobs done by a cowboy surgeon who blundered her procedure

Lavern Barnes, 51, from Northwich, Cheshire, booked surgery to straighten out her ‘bumpy’ nose, but her botched operation left her with even more bumps. She paid £3,400 for a the nose job in 2009, but a week after the surgery she lifted the gauze to discover a broken nose which later collapsed, forcing her to have over £4,200 of reconstructive surgery.

Grandmother left 'looking like an alien' after suffering allergic reaction to eye drops

Linda Hoff suffered a severe allergic reaction to eye drops administered at her local branch of Specsavers

Linda Hoff, 57, from Blyth, Northumberland, had the eye drops administered as part of a health check. Hours later, her eyes began to sting and feel sore.

Headgear for amateur boxers to be banned in a bid to REDUCE head injuries

Protection: While the move sounds counterintuitive, the theory is that boxers won't hit their opponent's head so hard if it's not protected

While the move sounds counterintuitive, the International Boxing Association says a lack of headgear actually results in less forceful blows to the head.

HIV 'cure' may be possible for some patients diagnosed within ten weeks of infection

A ¿functional cure¿ for HIV/AIDS can be achieved for some patients diagnosed early, according to new research. Image shows a conceptual view of HIV in the bloodstream

Scientists at the Institute Pasteur in Paris have discovered that a 'functional' cure can be achieved for some patients who are diagnosed early.

Most mothers 'are giving their babies too many calories': Infants put on path to obesity, warn experts

Official figures have shown three-quarters of babies and toddlers are fed too many calories (file picture)

The number of calories babies need varies hugely depending on their age, how quickly they grow and whether they are active.


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