Chubby cheeks. Man boobs. An expanding spare tyre. Never mind doughnuts... Are your hormones making you fat?

Man boobs are generally a result of plain fat, much like having a big belly

You're not too posh to wash a patient: Minister orders student nurses back to basics to improve compassion in NHS

Back to basics: Jeremy Hunt will today announce that trainee nurses who want NHS funding will have to work as a healthcare assistant or support worker first

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will today announce that ‘hands-on caring experience’ is just as important as academic training. Student nurses who want NHS funding will have to work as a healthcare assistant or support worker first.

Women who take more than a year to get pregnant are more likely to have a child with neurological problems

Taking longer to become pregnant led to a 30 per cent increased risk of having a child with mild neurological problems

The finding may also help explain why children born after fertility treatment are more likely to have developmental difficulties, say researchers from the University of Groningen, Denmark.

People who suffer from cold sores could have 'impaired' memory and thinking skills

Cold sores may increase the risk of impaired memory and thinking skills

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Centre found people who have the herpes simplex virus (that causes cold sores) or four other common viruses have a 25 per cent greater chance of reduced mental ability.

The matron whose patients are so happy they don't want to go home!

'From the outset Fiona addressed my father as a human being and he relaxed,' said Susan Jamson

Do you know a health hero? The Daily Mail, in association with ITV’s This Morning and Lloydspharmacy, is asking you to nominate special people in the healthcare sector who’ve made a real difference to your life, or to a loved one. Here is one nominee's story. Cruel neglect by nurses shattered Susan Jamson's family's faith in the NHS. Then Fiona Mason came along...

Pacemaker for the brain that switches off chronic pain

'After nearly four years (of pain), I was running out of options,' said Kevin Baker

Putting electrodes in the brain could help patients with widespread chronic pain. Kevin Baker tells how it’s transformed his life.

Bubbles to repair damage after heart attack

Every year, around 270,000 people in Britain suffer a heart attack

The bubbles, each a fraction of a millimetre in diameter, are injected into the damaged area of the heart and then zapped with sound waves fired through the chest.

'Wiggins effect' boom in cycling sees surge in number of MEN having thread veins removed from their legs

In the three months following the London Olympics 10,000 people joined Cycling UK

EXCLUSIVE: The cycling boom since the Olympics has seen an increasing number of men shaving their legs - and discovering unsightly thread veins underneath, according to one cosmetic surgery clinic.

Kale sales soar as celebrities such as Gwyneth promote its health benefits

Gwyneth Paltrow is known to be a kale fan

Sales have increased by 40 per cent in the last year thanks to endorsement from celebrity chefs and the vegetable's ability to survive harsh weather, according to data from analysts Kantar Worldpanel.

Alcohol turned me into a crazed animal: Binge drinking teen blames booze for making her a violent criminal

Out of control: On an average night she would consume a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20, a bottle of Lambrini and 10 vodka shots

Amy Roberts, from Glasgow, who has been arrested 30 times for drunken attacks - including punching police officers. She said: 'Alcohol turned me into a crazed animal – I once punched a man in the face five times until he bled and enjoyed it. It disgusts me now. But I became addicted to the confidence alcohol gave me.'

The great British FLEA infestation: Sales of treatments and bite cream soar due to lazy pet owners

Warm houses with central heating create a perfect environment for household fleas to thrive

EXCLUSIVE: Figures from the online pharmacy Chemist Direct show a 20 per cent increase in sales of anti-flea treatment and 42 per cent rise in sales of bite cream over the winter months.

Parents are giving babies solid foods too early - raising their risk of obesity and diabetes, warn experts

Almost 93 per cent of American mothers introduce solid foods into their child¿s diet before they reach six months of age

Researchers at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. found that 93 per cent of mothers introduce solid foods to their baby before they are six months-old.

Why did nobody stop me wasting £1m to be the world's most nipped and tucked woman? Alicia Douvall's 16 boob jobs, six nose jobs and 308 cosmetic treatments

Looking for perfection: Alicia Douvall, who has had over 50 procedures over the years, says surgeons should have stopped her and that more psychological checks for vulnerable patients are needed

Alicia Douvall spent up to £1million on more than 50 surgeries and procedures in a bid to 'look like a Barbie' and now says the doctors should have stopped her.

Is feeding your children a raw vegan diet nuts? This family says is helped them beat everything from asthma to acne

Fresh start: After two-and-a-half years on raw food, Inga and Robert Dirzuite and their children David and Kameja feel better than ever

Two-and-a-half years after Inga Dirziute, 26, and her family swapped meat, fish, dairy and anything cooked for a raw vegan menu, their health problems are gone.

Tired, grumpy, always hungry? Why grey-skies syndrome may be to blame...

'I just wanted to sleep all the time,' said Felicity Newman

Felicity Newman had the classic signs of the winter blues, or SAD lite. A milder form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the winter blues is triggered by grey skies and characterised by sleepiness, low energy levels, a craving for carbohydrates, weight gain and reduced sex drive.

Grandmother whose heart stopped for 45 MINUTES wakes up three days after life-support machine was turned off

Ms Dickinson performed CPR on her mother until paramedics turned up

Carol Brothers, 63, from Easterton in Wiltshire, had a massive heart attack while shopping. Her family was advised to turn off her life-support machine but, incredibly, she woke up.

The gadgets even Gaga would go for: Designer mobility aids to make your life easier without sacrificing style

Throne on wheels: Only the most extravagant mobility aid would do when Lady Gaga found herself in need of a wheelchair

While it is unlikely wheelchair users will follow Gaga, there are a host of well-designed gadgets, home adaptations and mobility aids currently on the market.

Mother without travel insurance stranded in Spain with desperately ill baby girl born 13 weeks EARLY during holiday

Stranded: Within hours of Zowie Lyons (left) and Sam Hilton arriving in Alicante, she had gone into labour and baby Ellizeah was born the following day, weighing a tiny 2lb

Zowie Lyons and Sam Hilton had planned a few days of winter sun before their baby was born, but failed to take out travel insurance. The couple, from Leeds, now need to raise £12,000 to fly baby Ellizeah home.

The dreams that can be an early sign of dementia: Men who walk, talk or hit out in their sleep have an increased risk of the disease

If a middle aged man acts out his dreams while he is asleep he is five times more likely to develop dementia in old age

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic, Florida, have discovered that the strongest predictor of whether a man will develop a common type of dementia is whether he acts out his dreams.

When a sore throat is a sign that your HEART is in trouble

Simon Whiteley's arteries were so blocked that only 30 per cent of his heart was working

Angina causes blood flow to be temporarily restricted to the heart, and triggers pain and breathlessness that lasts a few minutes as Simon Whiteley found out. Angina affects almost two million Britons.

You might as well stay on the couch because keeping fit 'can't stop our muscles ageing'

Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker, now 47, has been forced to reduce her daily workout after her designer gowns revealed her bulging veins and sinewy biceps

Professor Jamie Timmons, from Loughborough University, said research shows 'a simple link between muscle ageing and lack of exercise is not plausible'.

Woman loses all her teeth and develops rare bone disease after drinking too much TEA

The patient had areas of very dense bone in her back and calcifications in the ligaments of her arms

The 47-year-old from Detroit, Michigan, developed the bone disease skeletal fluorosis as a result of consuming too much fluoride from both tea and water.

Traffic pollution causes as much childhood asthma as passive smoking

Children exposed to higher levels of traffic pollution have higher rates of asthma

A study conducted in 10 European cities found that 14 per cent of chronic childhood asthma was due to pollution near busy roads.

Energy drinks can cause high blood pressure and fatal heart problems

Energy drinks may increase blood pressure and disturb the heart's natural rhythm

Researchers from the University of the Pacific in the U.S. say the drinks may disturb the heart's natural rhythm and people should 'use caution' before consuming them.

There are bugs that cure infections, protect against stroke and even keep your skin clear: The germs you DON'T want to wash away

It's a common misconception that the cleaner the skin, the better - and the bacteria that live on our skin have an important role

Living within us are around 100 trillion bacteria — known as the micro biome — and 95 per cent of them live in our gut. Other colonies are on our skin and in our respiratory tracts, mouths and genital areas. Most are harmless and beneficial to us but there are bad bacteria with the potential to cause ill health — so why are we not permanently sick? The secret lies in the balance of the bugs, which exist in a fragile ecosystem. Knock one out and the system goes haywire.

Women who wash intimate areas with shower gels and soaps 'increase their risk of sexually transmitted infections'

Scented products used intimately are linked with a higher chance of contracting a sexual infection

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, say that soaps and lubricants can damage sensitive tissues and raise a woman’s chance of becoming infected with herpes, chlamydia and HIV.

The father who has FOUR kidneys and THREE pancreases thanks to transplant surgery to cure his diabetes

Carl Jones

Carl Jones, 32, from Carmarthen, west Wales, has had two organ transplant operations which have left him with four kidneys and three pancreases.

Men who have daughters after the age of 50 are 'twice as likely to have a grandchild with autism'

Men who have daughters when they are aged over 50 have almost double the risk of a grandchild being diagnosed with autism

Research published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry suggests that older parents may be partly responsible for the growing number of children with autism.

Woman died after gynaecologist mistakenly removed part of her bowel during routine operation

Surinder Venables, 49, died a month after a routine operation

Surinda Venables, from Basildon, Essex, died after surgery to remove three cysts. The surgeon, Dr Nikolaos Papanikolaou, could now be struck off by the General Medical Council.

The toddler turning into a 'living statue' due to mystery condition that means she can't move her joints

Beatrice, three, was a normal baby until she was seven-months-old. She is pictured with her parents Alessando and Stefania

Beatrice Naso, three, from Turin in Italy, has been struck down with a mysterious illness which is causing the soft tissue around her joints to calcify. This undiagnosed condition will eventually leave her completely unable to move. Doctors in Italy are appealing to medics across the world to help them find a cure. Beatrice is pictured with her parents Alessando and Stefania.

The rise of Dr Google: Half of Britons now get health advice online rather than seeing their GP

Half of adults, 51 per cent, go online for lifestyle and nutritional tips, and 23 per cent rely on newspapers and magazines

Research by campaign group Wholegrain Goodness showed that Britons are now more than twice as likely to search the internet for health advice as to consult their doctor.

Boy, 13, just hours from being paralysed after doctors misdiagnose his cancer as GROWING PAINS

Milan Patel was in agony because of a tennis ball sized tumour on his back

Milan Patel, from Kenilworth in Warwickshire, had a tennis-ball sized tumour growing on his back and threatening to paralyse him.

'Perfect bride,' 22, dies just five months after her wedding from undiagnosed heart condition after collapsing during friend's hen party

Claire and Andy Reed

Claire Reed, from Eastleigh, Hants, died from Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome, the same condition that Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba had.

Does being married really make you healthier? Husbands and wives are 'more likely than singletons to overestimate how well they are'

Bride and Groom.

The research, conducted by Ohio State University in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, shows that married people overestimate how healthy they are.

'I want to walk to play with my friends and travel the world': The little girl caught in gang crossfire stands tall again with a beaming smile

Thusha Kamaleswaran, who was paralysed after she was caught in gang crossfire in 2011, is pictured smiling as she has started to stand again

Seven-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran, pictured standing (main picture), has learned to stand again and taken her first steps after she was left paralysed in a shooting in Stockwell, South London, in 2011. Surgeons at King’s College Hospital worked through the night to stop Thusha bleeding to death, including reviving her twice after she suffered two heart attacks. But she insisted she would stand on her own two feet again - and these extraordinary photographs show her determination to recover. Thusha is pictured on CCTV, injured in her uncle's shop (top right) and on the road to recovery (bottom right). She appeared on TV this morning (top left) where she said she just wanted to dance again, play with her friends and see the world.

How to get abs like Jim Carrey: Secrets of an A-list body

Jim Carrey once did an entire interview while running on a treadmill

The 51-year-old followed a strict diet and exercise programme before filming The Incredible Burt Wonderstone to make sure he was in the leanest shape. He did intense circuit training with weights and cardiovascular exercise six to seven days a week.

Two-thirds of patients must wait 48 hours to see a GP while a tenth wait two WEEKS

Almost two-thirds of patients say they struggle to get an appointment with a GP within two days, according to new research

A Patients Association poll reveals almost three in five – 57 per cent – find it difficult to get through on the phone to book a consultation with a GP.

Eating too much salt blamed for 2.3 million deaths a year worldwide... ten times more than sugary drinks

Salt and sodium intake among Americans could be the cause of 1 in 10 deaths a new study from Harvard has found

Fifteen per cent of all deaths from heart attacks, strokes and other heart-related diseases throughout the world in 2010 were caused by eating too much salt.

Rich women AREN'T too posh to push: Research shows poorer mothers are twice as likely to have a planned C-section

The proportion of mothers having Caesarean sections in the UK has increased since the 1980s

Even taking into account health factors such as smoking and obesity, women of lower social class were at greater risk of needing a Caesarean, say researchers from University of York.

Rise of the 'almost anorexic': New book reveals one in 20 are afflicted by dangerous borderline eating disorders - that nobody notices

Widespread problem: A leading health expert has warned how one in twenty suffer from an undiagnosable eating disorder known as 'almost anorexia'

Dr Jennifer Thomas, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard, said the condition means that people only display some symptoms of the full-syndrome, but the effects can be just as dangerous.

New £237m state-of-the-art children's hospital at Alder Hey will be built in a park and covered in wild flowers

The new £237m Alder Hey Children's Hospital is the first large-scale healthcare project to get the go-ahead in three years

The £237m Alder Hey children's hospital in Liverpool is the first large-scale healthcare project to get the go-ahead in three years. The new hospital, designed by children, will have 270 beds including 48 critical care beds for patients in ICU, HDU and Burns.


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