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Video helps every business play big

It's easy to grow with YouTube

Is there anything video can't do? It surprises us, teaches us, even makes us giggle at work. And every day the world watches more.

You can bring the power of video to your business with two steps.

Why YouTube?

  • Step 1: Make a Video

    No need for big-time TV production. Shoot it yourself! Or hire it out. Try a friendly tour of your shop or a how-to video. Just be yourself: it works wonders.

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  • Step 2: Promote It

    Post your video on YouTube. (It's free!) Then use Google AdWords for video to promote it to the right viewers. You'll only pay when viewers choose to watch your video.

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Easily Create a Video for Free

Help promote your business with My Business Story, a free and easy-to-use video creator from Google and American Express. Learn More