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2013-05-12 - 16:32

Some Colleges in Pennsylvania Allow Students to Carry Guns

TEHRAN (FNA)- Students at some colleges in the US state of Pennsylvania have been allowed to take guns with them on campus.

At least five Pennsylvania state-owned universities now consent to firearms on campus following a conclusion by the state lawyers that a complete ban on weapons was probably unlawful, press tv reported.

Students in Kutztown, Shippensburg, Edinboro, Slippery Rock and Millersville universities are now allowed to have weapons on campus.

Under the new policy, students holding permits can bring their weapons onto campus, but not school buildings and athletic events.

Also in Missouri, the Republican-controlled legislature passed the most extreme gun protection bill on May 8, allowing some teachers to carry guns in schools.

The bill also says some teachers who do not carry guns can be fired, while providing them with limited arrest powers.

Every year, more than 30,000 people are shot and killed in the United States.

The US averages 87 gun deaths each day as a function of gun violence, with an average of 183 injured, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab and the Centers for Disease Control.

The year 2012 was a record-setting year for gun sales in the US. However, calls for stricter gun control measures are growing louder, and the most recent nationwide polls show that the majority of the US citizens support a ban on assault weapons.