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Iran to Unveil Home-Made Chopper Simulators
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Army plans to unveil more home-made chopper simulators in the current Iranian year (March 2013 - March 2014), an army commander announced on Monday. ( 14:13:39 - 2013/04/15)

Army to Unveil 3 New Products in Days
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Army Ground Force plans to unveil three new products in the next few days, a senior army commander announced on Monday. ( 14:02:40 - 2013/04/15)

Presidential Hopeful Warns Enemies of Iran's Deterrence Power
TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee, who has announced his candidacy for the June presidential election, underlined the country's high deterrence power and might, and said any aggressive move by the enemy will receive a crushing response. ( 13:59:25 - 2013/04/15)

Iran, UAE Stress Expansion of Bilateral Security Ties
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar and his Emirati counterpart Saif bin Zayed Al Nahayan underlined the need for bolstering and reinvigorating bilateral ties and mutual cooperation, specially in the security fields. ( 13:47:45 - 2013/04/15)

Korea Tension: Iran Says to Stand by Friends against Aggressors
TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces for Cultural Affairs and Defense Publicity Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri lashed out at the US for its threats and warmongering policies against North Korea, and said Iran will stand beside its friends against aggressors. ( 12:33:38 - 2013/04/13)

Iranian Army Test-Fires 3 New Missiles
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Army Ground Force announced on Saturday that it has tested three new missiles successfully. ( 11:24:25 - 2013/04/13)

Commander Stresses Iran's Swift, Crushing Response to Threats
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan reiterated Iran's full preparedness to confront any possible enemy threat and aggression, and said that the country's military forces will give a swift and decisive response to any enemy threat. ( 16:19:29 - 2013/04/11)

Commander Cautions Regional States about US Covert Agenda
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian military commander asked the regional states to be watchful of Washington's covert agenda in the region, and cautioned that the US is seeking to stir tension in region to attain its own interests. ( 15:35:14 - 2013/04/10)

Navy to Unveil New Achievements Next Week
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Navy plans to display its latest achievements on the National Army Day next week. ( 14:34:51 - 2013/04/10)

IRGC Navy Commander: Iran Aware of Enemies' Strategic Weak Points in Region
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi underlined IRGC's efforts to build the necessary defensive and security infrastructures in the Persian Gulf region, and said his forces are aware of enemies' strategic weak points. ( 13:10:14 - 2013/04/09)

US Navy to Send Prototype Laser-Gun on USS Ponce Warship to Persian Gulf
TEHRAN (FNA)- The United States navy plans to deploy an anti-drone ship-board laser system off the coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf. ( 13:09:39 - 2013/04/09)

Iran Breaks US, Israel's Monopoly on White Weapons
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian inventors announced that they have designed and developed non-firearm weapons, dubbed as white arms, and broke the monopoly of the US and Israel over the technology. ( 16:49:04 - 2013/04/07)

Iran Dispatches 25th Fleet of Warships to High Seas
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Navy dispatched its 25th flotilla of warships to the Gulf of Aden and the high seas to protect the country's cargo ships and oil tankers against pirates. ( 16:35:30 - 2013/04/06)

Iran to Display First Home-Made Semi-Heavy Submarine in Months
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian defense officials announced on Saturday that the country would display its first 500-ton submarine in the next few months. ( 13:59:58 - 2013/04/06)

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