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12:08 | 2013-05-11


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Iran to Develop Environmental Cooperation with Switzerland, Egypt

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is eager to expand cooperation in environmental fields with Switzerland and Egypt, Iranian Vice-President and Head of Iran's Department of Environment Mohammad Javad Mohammadizadeh said.

Mohammadizadeh made the remarks in meetings with Swiss Environment Minister Doris Leutharda and Egyptian Environment Minister Khalid Fahmi on the sidelines of a UN meeting on chemical conventions in Geneva, Switzerland, on Saturday.

During his meeting with Leutharda, the Iranian official called for further cooperation between the two countries in environmental arenas, and called on the developed countries to help the developing nations in this regard.

Mohammadizadeh in his meeting with Fahmi urged expansion of environmental cooperation between Tehran and Cairo, and said, "Iran and Egypt have agreed on the endorsement of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and an Egyptian delegation is due to travel to Tehran in the near future to this end."

Iran's efforts to safeguard environment have always been praised by the international bodies and countries.

In December, Mohammadizadeh announced Tehran's readiness to recycle hazardous wastes for other countries.

"Iran is prepared to transfer the hazardous and special wastes of other countries and recycle them," Mohammadizadeh told FNA at the time.

Hazardous wastes are the garbage contaminated with certain radioactive materials, nosocomial wastes and the batteries which cannot be buried in ordinary places and need special treatment, he explained.

Mohammadizadeh said that due to Iran's progress in recycling hazardous wastes, such materials will no more exist in the country by the end of this (Iranian) year (March 20).

Even a number of Iran's industrial units have been equipped with the systems to recycle hazardous wastes, he added.