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2011-06-24 - 14:54

Iranian Football Loses Chance for Playing in 2012 Olympic

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's under-23 football team lost the chance to reach the next round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2012 London Olympic soccer tournament after a 2-0 defeat to Iraq.

Two goals by Amjad Radhi on Thursday in the Iranian capital Tehran vanished Iran's hopes of playing in the 2012 London Olympic.

The Iranian under-23 football team which was 1-0 ahead in aggregate after beating Iraq in the first leg encounter last week conceded the first goal in the 35th minute through Radhi who easily converted a short pass into his team's first goal of the day.

After the opener for the visitors, Iran tried to regain control of the proceedings, but it was Amjad Radhi who braced sink Iran 18 minutes after the interval to register a 2-nil victory for his side.

Arash Afshin and Hamidreza Aliasgari put the ball wide to lose the opportunity to equalize for Iran.

Iran's Olympic qualification drought is extended to 40 years now after failing to advance to the next round of London 2012 qualifiers.