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2013-03-12 - 17:32

IRGC Navy Commander Visits Iraq's Naval Facilities

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, heading a high-raking military delegation, met with Iraq's senior commanders during a visit to the country's naval facilities.

Fadavi held separate meetings with Iraq's acting defense minister, chief of staff of the army and Navy commander during his four-day visit to the neighboring country.

He also paid a visit to the Iraqi Navy's operation center and Academy of Naval Sciences in the Southern cities of Basra and Um al-Qasr.

In Baghdad, Fadavi met with Iraqi Navy Commander Ali Hassan Ali, during which he stressed the necessity for protecting Persian Gulf security by the Muslim states.

He also rejected the alien states' presence in the sensitive region of the Persian Gulf which is the world's main energy supply route.

Iranian officials have repeatedly warned the trans-regional states, specially the US, to pull their troops and warships out of the Persian Gulf, underlining the necessity for the establishment of security in the Persian Gulf through extensive and all-out cooperation among the regional states.

In relevant remarks in December, a senior military aide to the Iranian supreme leader said that trans-regional powers are trying to confine Iran's power through sparking insecurity around the country.

"The trans-regional enemies are pursuing a certain view (on Iran) and are creating insecurities in the regions around our country in a bid to block the Islamic Republic of Iran's progress and emergence of a mighty Iran," senior Military Aide to the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said at the time.

He further said that the Persian Gulf region plays a key role in Iran's plans for progress and prosperity, and underlined the necessity for advancement, justice and durable security in the region.