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2011-07-21 - 12:48

Iranian Artist to Exhibit Calligraphy Paintings in Canada

TEHRAN (FNA)- Various cities in Canada are due to exhibit the artworks and calligraphy paintings of Iranian artist Esrafil Shirchi.

"I will present 40 of my latest calligraphy paintings and Hilyah works which have been inspired by great Persian poets such as Hafez and Mowlavi," Shirchi told FNA.

The exhibitions will be held from September 24, 2011, in different Canadian cities including Vancouver and Toronto.

"The exhibitions will be accompanied by live Persian traditional music performed by Canada-based Iranian musicians and vocalist Fazel Jamshidi," Shirchi added.

The veteran artist also announced his plans for holding similar exhibitions and Persian art meetings at a number of American universities.

Shirchi is currently an instructor at Iran's Association of Calligraphers and has published over 10 collections of his works.

He has held numerous exhibitions in different countries including France, Belgium and Luxembourg. His 2008 calligraphy exhibition featuring Iranian musician Fazel Jamshidi's live musical performance attracted thousands of art enthusiasts in the US.