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DA Youth to protest Kleinfontein racism

Mbali Ntuli , DAYouth Leader
22 May 2013

The DA Youth will tomorrow protest against the racist policies of the Kleinfontein settlement outside Pretoria.

The Kleinfontein setttlement only allows “white, Afrikaans Protestants who abide by the Blood River Covenant” to live and work there. This kind of racial exclusivity has no place in a democratic South Africa.

We cannot allow racial nationalists on the extreme fringes of South African politics to try and bring apartheid back. The DA fought against apartheid in the past; we will not tolerate it coming back in any shape or form.

Tomorrow, we will demonstrate that diversity and non-racialism can make everyone’s lives better. We must liberate people from their apartheid mindsets.

Most people from all communities oppose this kind of racism, and want to build a better future together. While others divide, we will unite. Tomorrow we will show South Africa what a reconciled and prosperous nation looks like.

A media advisory with details of our protest will be issued shortly.