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19:03 | 2012-09-15

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West Allows Insult to Islam, Bans Questioning Holocaust

TEHRAN (FNA)- The recent sacrilege of Islam and its prophet means that the western countries allow insult to the religion of one-fourth of the world population and God's prophet, while banning and jailing anyone who wants to question or study the veracity of the holocaust. Why?

Outrage is growing across the Muslim world over the five-million-US dollar movie that has been financed by more than 100 Jews and directed by a US-Israeli man.

Called "The Innocence of Muslims," the film has been produced by a man named Sam Bacile, who told news media he is Israeli-American and lives in California. A trailer of the movie has been released by YouTube.

All this means that anyone can insult God's prophet and the most respected values of over 1.5 billion Muslims in the Western world, where even conducting a scientific study of the Holocaust is banned, and if you do that, you will be jailed for years.

After the French revolution, Secularism became a pillar of the western democracy to ban any interference of religion in legal and government affairs, but now the so-called Jewish holocaust has become a taboo in the same states, whose denial is viewed as a crime.

The man-made taboo has harmed the western world in such a deep and strong way that the Middle-Age church couldn't do.

In addition to the Zionist regime, a number of 16 western countries have overtly banned the Holocaust. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The number of these states goes up as the 27-member European Union's rules about racism also warn against a questioning and denial of the Jewish Holocaust.

In Hungary, a February 2010 law says disrespecting the Holocaust should be punished with 3 years of imprisonment.

In Austria, anyone denying the so-called Jewish Holocaust would receive from one to 10 years of imprisonment. The sentence can be increased to 20 years, if one's action in this regard is deemed as "dangerous".

In the Belgium, such denial would be given a sentence from 8 days to one year plus a 5,000 franc fine. In the Czech Republic it is 6 months to three years and it is the same in many other western countries.

Many have been tried for questioning the Holocaust, but maybe the most appalling trial pertained to Late Prof. Roger Garaudy whose trial resembled that of Galileo.

If the western states believe in Positivism which calls religion and metaphysics areas beyond science which must be kept away, then why the Jewish Holocaust is viewed like a religious taboo which cannot go under any questioning or study by anyone and should always be taken for granted?