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11:18 | 2013-01-02


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Minister: Iran Keen to Expand Sports Cooperation with S. Korea

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth Mohammad Abbasi expressed the country's willingness to further boost sports cooperation with South Korea.

Abbasi raised Iran's willingness in a meeting with Seoul's Ambassador to Tehran Sung Wung Yeub here in Tehran on Tuesday.

Stating that Iran has experienced a remarkable growth in the field of taekwondo, he added that given the fact that South Korea is the cradle of taekwondo, ways should be paved for promotion of the two countries' cooperation in technical and educational fields.

Abbasi further underlined that forging cultural and social communications is one of the main issues which should be given due attention.

The South Korean ambassador, for his part, said that sports is key to consolidating bilateral ties and taekwondo can serve as a turning point in the two countries' ties.

Throughout history, Iran and South Korea have maintained a relatively friendly and strong strategic partnership. South Korea is one of Iran's major commercial partners.

In relevant remarks in October, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underscored the age-old and cordial relations between Tehran and Seoul, and said both Iran and South Korea oppose unilateralism and seek a fair world order.

"Iran and South Korea relations are cultural and historical; both Seoul and Tehran are opposed to unilateralism and oppression in the international relations and want a new world order which would guarantee respect for entire world countries' sovereignty as well as ensuring peace and justice for all; achieving a new World Order needs cooperation and participation of all nations," Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with Yeub at the time.

"There are good potentials for expansion of trade exchange as well as the tourism between Iran and South Korea," he added.