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Qassemi Arrives in India, Energy High on Agenda
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi arrived in New Delhi for talks with Indian officials on cooperation in the oil sector. ( 13:58:25 - 2013/05/27)

Iranian Governor: OPEC Eyes Balancing Oil Market
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's OPEC Governor Mohammad Ali Khatibi said economic instability and fluctuations in the oil market indicate that the organization should be cautious to maintain equilibrium in the market. ( 13:57:04 - 2013/05/27)

Gas Injection Project Ready for Startup
TEHRAN (FNA)- A plan for boosting the volume of gas injection to Karanj and Parsi oil fields is ready for startup, Iranian oil ministry officials announced. ( 13:54:55 - 2013/05/27)

IOTC Building Second Largest Oil Terminal In Jusk
TEHRAN (FNA)- Managing director of Iran Oil Terminal Company (IOTC) said construction of Jusk Oil Terminal with the storage capacity of 20 million barrels of oil requires 2.4 billion dollars in investment. ( 12:35:05 - 2013/05/27)

Gas Condensate Production Capacity Rising
TEHRAN (FNA)- National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Chief Ahmad Qalebani said daily production capacity of gas condensate and gas liquids will rise by 120 thousand barrels this year to reach 650 thousand barrels per day once the new phases of the South Pars gas field launch operation. ( 12:34:43 - 2013/05/27)

Six Petchem Plans to Come Online in Near Future
TEHRAN (FNA)- Since the beginning of the current Iranian year (in March 2013), six Mehre Mandegar (Lasting Kindness) petrochemical projects have been launched and six others are waiting for commissioning, Iranian officials said. ( 12:32:30 - 2013/05/27)

Ahmadinejad in Golestan Province to Inaugurate Development Projects
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Gorgan in the Northern Golestan province on Monday in a bid to inaugurate several development projects completed by Iranian experts. ( 11:55:47 - 2013/05/27)

Iranian Oil Minister Calls for Expansion of Economic Ties with India
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi urged Iran and India to broaden their economic relations. ( 11:54:03 - 2013/05/27)

Yaran Oil Field Boosting Oil Production
TEHRAN (FNA)- Managing Director of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) said Iran's oil production capacity would rise by 90 thousand barrels per day. ( 11:52:29 - 2013/05/27)

RIPI Exporting Technical Knowhow
TEHRAN (FNA)- The head of the department of upstream research and technology at the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) said the department has started exports of upstream technical knowhow to foreign countries. ( 11:50:22 - 2013/05/27)

RIPI Implementing Recovery Rate Pilot Plan
TEHRAN (FNA)- A pilot plan will be implemented in one of the oil fields of West Karoun region to test deployment of modern recovery rate mechanisms in the oil fields of the country, head of research and technology at the Research Institute Of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) Seyed Saleh Hendi said. ( 11:50:07 - 2013/05/27)

Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery to Renovate
TEHRAN (FNA)- The ongoing upgrading plan at Bandar Abbas oil refinery will come online by the end of the current year and will generate at least 250 million dollars of value-added each year. ( 11:49:46 - 2013/05/27)

Gas Output Hitting 190 bcm
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's total gas production will reach 190 billion cubic meters this year after new phases of the South Pars gas field come on stream, 10 billion cubic meters above the previous year figure, the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)'s Dispatch Manager Hassan Montazer Torbati said. ( 11:48:59 - 2013/05/27)

Minister: Iran to Link Railway System to Int'l Network
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Minister of Road and Urbanization Ali Nikzad announced that the country plans to link its railway system to the international network in five points. ( 18:33:02 - 2013/05/26)

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