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2013-06-12 - 16:36

Egyptian Court Acquits Former Head of State Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- An Egyptian Court acquitted Hassan Abdel-Rahman, former head of state security apparatus, and 40 other policemen in a case of ordering the destruction of important documents.

Abdel-Rahman, official of former president Hosni Mubarak's era, along with other 40 members of the now-dissolved state security, was accused of burning and damaging documents during Jan 25 uprising in 2011, which contains important information related to Egypt's national security, official MENA news agency reported.

Abdel-Rahman is currently being tried in the case of killing protesters in the 2011 upheaval, among six assistants of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adli who himself is being tried in the same case along with former president Mubarak. The trial was postponed to July 6.

Last June, Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Mubarak and al-Adli to life in jail, while al-Adli's six assistants were acquitted, but Mubarak and al-Adli appealed the verdicts. On Jan 13, the Court of Cassation accepted their appeals and ordered to retry the case.

Mubarak ruled Egypt for nearly three decades and was toppled by nationwide protests in January 2011.