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19:17 | 2012-09-27


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Resistance Film Festival Continues Reaction to Anti-Islam Movie

TEHRAN (FNA)- Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyed Mohammad Hosseini and the Iranian Cinema Family issued a joint statement against the anti-Islam movie made by an Israeli-American man in the US.

In the opening ceremony of 12th International Moqavemat (Resistance) Film Festival, which was held in the Vahdat Hall of Kerman city, Hosseini and hundreds of Iranian cineastes signed a statement against the anti-Islam movie which insulted the great prophet of Islam (PBUH).

Also, before the opening ceremony, more than 100 Iranian cineastes and artists including the festival executive committee, selection committee, Jury members, and organizers signed a manifest against the American anti-Islam movie which insulted the supreme face of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

"Unfortunately, during recent years, racist thoughts - which dominate the western world - targeted the divine face of Islam's great prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as they couldn't meet their dirty goals in Islamic world," they mentioned in their manifest.

The Iranian cineastes condemned the move and asked other countries' cineastes, especially Americans to avoid racial political visions in making movies.

The Wall Street Journal reported last Tuesday that the blasphemous movie has been produced by anti-Islam Israeli-American Sam Bacile.

The report added that, Bacile, a real estate developer, has assumed responsibility for the film, which he said was made thanks to Jewish donations totaling USD 5 million.

The 12th International Moqavemat Film Festival is held with the cooperation of Islamic Revolution and Holly Defense Committee and Iranian Cinema Organization with the approach of "Moqavemat, Insight, and Glory".

The festival includes Iranian Competition, International competition, and Golden Pen sections. Also the festival holds tributes and workshops with cineastes in attendance to introduce the remarkable role of Iranians in confrontation against enemies and economic sanctions, international scientific achievements, resistance and Islamic awakening, resistance against terrorism, and international Zionism.

12th Moqavemat International Film Festival is held 24 -28 September 2012 in Kerman, Iran.