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19:19 | 2012-09-27


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12th IMFF Welcomes International Guests from 5 Continents

TEHRAN (FNA)- International guests from different countries worldwide are in Iran's Southeastern city of Kerman to participate in the 12th International Moqavemat Film Festival.

"Asako Kageyama" from Japan Japanese producer who produces documentaries against the presence of the US in Japan, "Ali Kansou" from Lebanon" who's activities during the 33-day war in Lebanon is well-known, "Bassem Maghnieh" actor of "33-day" movie, "Fernando Lucena" documentary maker from Spain, "Nosir Saidov" manager of Tajik Film from Tajikistan, and "Samira Saidi" writer and director from Algeria, are among these international guests.

Also the family members of great Martyr Emad Moqniyeh will be among the international guests of the 12th IMFF. The festival proudly will host his daughter "Fatemeh Moqniyeh" as his father's representative.

Other guests include "Aida Schlapfer", an Iraqi Shiite filmmaker who is specially known as a documentary director. She has made some documentaries on Iraq subject. She lives in Zurich and she conducts the Zurich Arabic Film Festival. "Georges Challhoub" actor from Lebanon, Director "Ahmad Zeineddine" from Lebanon, "Sabine Lubbe Bakker" director of "Between Egypt and Gaza" movie from the Netherlands, "Ilyas Bogatyrev" war reporter and writer from Russia, "Fatima Moussaoui" director from France, "Sherif Attia" one of the directors of "8-Day" from Egypt, "Mona Karib" actress from Lebanon, "Rashed Rezvan" war documentary director from Spain, "Haj Neysam Immad Haydar" manager of Taha channel from Lebanon, "Georg Shalhof" actor of "Jugular Vein" directed by Iranian Director Masoud Atyabi, "Ali Daher" from Alressalah channel from Lebanon and many others are among the guests list of the 12th IMFF.

The 12th International Moqavemat Film Festival is held with the cooperation of Islamic Revolution and Holly Defense Committee and Iranian Cinema Organization with the approach of "Moqavemat, Insight, and Glory".

The festival includes Iranian Competition, International competition, and Golden Pen sections. Also the festival holds tributes and workshops with cineastes in attendance to introduce the remarkable role of Iranians in confrontation against enemies and economic sanctions, international scientific achievements, resistance and Islamic awakening, resistance against terrorism, and international Zionism.

12th Moqavemat International Film Festival is held 24 -28 September 2012 in Kerman, Iran.