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18:34 | 2012-07-10


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Leader's Aide Praises FNA for Holding Occupy Wall Street Cartoon Festival

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior advisor to the Iranian supreme leader lauded Fars News Agency for drawing global attention to the Americans' popular protest movement against capitalism through holding the International Occupy Wall Street Cartoon Festival.

"Fars News Agency's use of art to display the world people's feeling and thought about the Wall Street Movement should be praised and should not come to a halt," Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, a senior aide to the Supreme Leader and a prominent parliament member, said, addressing the closing ceremony of the Wall Street Cartoon Festival in Tehran on Monday.

Also during the ceremony attended by senior Iranian cultural and political officials, Haddad Adel said the White House has long sought to intimidate Americans of foreign threats to divert their attention from domestic problems, and due to the same reason it has almost ignored the anti-capitalism movement inside the US.

He said the American people's protest movement displays the sliding popularity of the US President, Barack Obama, who enjoys the lowest popularity rate along with George W. Bush among all the US presidents, and meantime reveals the untruthful nature of Washington's propaganda about such notions as freedom, democracy and human rights.

Haddad Adel, who is also a renowned literary figure in Iran, reminded the vast negative propaganda campaign launched by the VOA, BBC and other western media outlets about Tehran's unrests after the last presidential election in 2009, and said, "The US-led western media released untruthful reports about lack of democracy in Iran, street clashes, violence and arrests every 15 minutes in the 2009 sedition, and this is what they always do with any country which is not in harmony with them."

"But despite all their propaganda about democracy and human rights, they avoided covering the peaceful gathering of a number of unarmed people in a park (Zuccotti Park in New York), where there was no regime-change slogan chanted until they were later forced to give some (limited) coverage to the event and then they (the US authorities) treated them through methods much more violent than what they attribute to other countries," he added.

He said these realities will remain in the history, specially when they are reflected in the works of art. "As the Supreme Leader has put it, realities live forever when they are presented in the form of art."

"On the very same basis, the Fars News Agency's move in presenting the world people's feelings and thoughts about this incident (the American people's anti-capitalism movement) is admirable," the MP said, and added, "But this move should not be ceased and should continue both through the achievements of this and other festivals in order to make it more popular and keep it live forever."

"Various works of art should be done in order to unveil the big lie of the West," he said, and concluded, "Americans have written a book on 'the Big Lie of the West', now many books should be written in a bid to unveil the real face of the Americans (American leaders) who themselves are the biggest liars."

The FNA-sponsored festival wrapped up work after introducing the best artworks of the world cartoonists in a closing ceremony held at the former US embassy complex in central Tehran on Monday.

From hundreds of cartoons sent to the International Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival 99 art works were selected in the first phase and then the jury selected the top 10.

The 10 best cartoons were arbitrated again by Iranian and foreign juries and the top 3 artworks were then introduced as the winners of the festival.

Mahmoud Mohammad Tabrizi from Iran won the top prize (5000 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival's statue), and Alexi Kostofsky from Ukraine and Farhad Rahim Qara-Maleki from Iran stood the second and the third (4000 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival's statue, and 3000 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival's statue, respectively).

The 4th to 10th winners each received 500 euro, a letter of appreciation and the festival's statue. Meantime, all the 70 finalists were granted letters of appreciation.

Also, a special prize, including 500 euro, was granted to the best artist from the viewpoint of FNA's internet visitors.

All the artworks sent to the festival were released in the book of the festival.

Also, on the sidelines of the closing ceremony, all the 99 artworks selected in the first phase went on display. These artworks will also be displayed for the public in 7 exhibitions in Tehran and 6 other Iranian cities later in future.