United Nations Institutions in Southern Sudan

To intensify the peace efforts and build on the momentum of the progress made—including the signing of the Agreement on Wealth Sharing on 7 January 2004 and the Protocol on Power Sharing on 26 May 2004 at the talks held in the Kenyan city of Naivasha—the UN Security Council, on the recommendation of the Secretary-General, established by resolution 1547 (2004) of 11 June 2004, a special political mission—the United Nations Advance Mission in the Sudan (UNAMIS). UNAMIS was mandated to facilitate contacts with the parties concerned and to prepare for the introduction of an envisaged UN peace support operation.

The Secretary-General then appointed Jan Pronk as his Special Representative for the Sudan and head of UNAMIS, who led UN peacemaking support to the IGAD-mediated talks on the North-South conflict, as well as to the African Union-mediated talks on the conflict in Darfur, a region in the western part of the Sudan.

On 31 January 2005, 22 days after the Government of Sudan and the SPLM/A signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Nairobi, the UN Secretary-General recommended to the Security Council the deployment of a multi-dimensional peace support operation, consisting of up to 10,000 military personnel and an appropriate civilian component, including more than 700 police officers.

The UN Mission in the Sudan would be headed by a Special Representative of the Secretary-General and would include components focusing on the following four broad areas of engagement: good offices and political support for the peace process; security; governance; and humanitarian and development assistance.

As UNMIS, the Mission would be dealing with a broad range of issues, the Secretary-General stressed the importance of a joint, integrated strategy among the UN agencies, funds and programmes in order to successfully implement the CPA. The Mission would be headquartered in Khartoum and would be widely represented in the South, initially in Rumbek, the provisional capital of Southern Sudan. (Its regional headquarters would later move to Juba in 2005.) 

Some of the UN institutions in Southern Sudan and their web sites are hereunder:




United National Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)




United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)






World Food Programme (WFP)



United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)



United Nations Sudan Information Gateway



United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)


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