South Sudan Supreme Court

The highest court and will consist of a president, deputy president and five other justices. The Supreme Court shall sit in panels of three justices each on all matters except that when sitting as a Constitutional panel it shall consist of all members of the Supreme Court.


Functions of the Supreme Court of South Sudan are as follows:


  1. Be court of final judicial instance in respect of any litigation or prosecution under South Sudan or state law, including statutory and customary law, save that any decisions arising under national laws shall be subject to review and decision by the National Supreme Court.
  2. Have original jurisdiction to decide on disputes that arise under this Constitution and the constitutions of Southern Sudan states at the instance of individuals, juridical entities or governments
  3. Adjudicate on the constitutionality of laws and set aside or strike down laws or provisions of laws of South Sudan or states of South Sudan that are inconsistent with the constitution or constitutions of South Sudan states to the extent of the inconsistency
  4. Be a court of review and cassation in respect of any criminal, civil and administrative matters arising out of or under Southern Sudan laws
  5. Have criminal jurisdiction over the President and Vice President of the Government of South Sudan and the Speaker of South Sudan Legislative Assembly
  6. Review death sentences imposed by South Sudan courts in respect of offences committed under South Sudan laws
  7. Receive appeals against decisions and judgments of the courts of appeal
  8. Have original and final jurisdiction to resolve disputes between the states of South Sudan and between the Government of South Sudan and a state; this jurisdiction shall not extend to disputes relating to exclusive, concurrent or residual powers of the national government; and
  9. Have such other competences as may be determined by law



President of Supreme Court of South Sudan:

Justice Chan Reec Madut


Deputy President of Supreme Court of South Sudan:





Source: Gurong Peace Trust




This article was updated on Sep 1, 2011