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Registration for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

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Penalties and interest

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Personal Income Tax (PIT)

PIT wage withholding form
PIT wage withholding guide – for employers
PIT wage withholding guide – for employees
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Interest, Dividends and Royalties

APIT guide withholding form
Interest, dividends and royalties FAQs

Business Profits Tax (BPT)

BPT Guide
BPT Tax Return
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Excise Tax

Excise Guide
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Form 105 Instructions - Excise Tax Return

Advance Payment of Income Tax (APIT)

APIT Guide

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Calendar of Due Dates

Summary of due dates

Recent Directorate of Taxation Events

Consultants from all corners of the world have come to South Sudan to assist with training and capacity building. Tax Officers from the Directorate of Tax, Juba Office, are shown above receiving instruction from a Nepalese Tax Consultant.

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