UNDP Celebrates International Women Day 2013 in Kassala State

The International Women day 2013 was celebrated in Kassala State to acknowledge the role of women in everyday life, to place emphasis on the steps that leads to better health, education, cognizant of rights and empowerment of women. In addition, to appreciate and recognize the yearlong efforts of those women who have dedicated their lives for women rights, voice and empowerment in their respective areas and communities in the State. This colorful event was conducted by UNDP in East in cooperation with the Ministry of Social and Cultural Affairs, Youth and Sports, Kassala State. The Minister of Social Affairs H.E Mohamed Ahmed Ali graced the occasion with his presence along with officials representing government, international/national NGOs, UN agencies and civil society members. A large population of house wives, women and girls from different localities of the Kassala state were also present at the occasion.

Ms. Hussiana Kasha, Head of women council, Kassala State opened the ceremony with warm welcome address and highlighted significance of the day and invited Surayo Buzurukova , Regional Coordinator and Head of Office (a.i) UNDP to share her views and thoughts. Ms. Buzurukova mentioned in her speech, “Women are the most significant and of pillar value in any society. The different roles that a female plays as a girl, woman, mother, sister and wife have great strength and value and that cannot be ignored. The women has outreached and rose up to be doctors, engineers, space scientist, head of police, military officers and even the prime ministries of the countries thereby setting examples for millions to follow. It is in the developing countries where women continue to live in greatest poverty and suffer the greatest injustices and there are still many problems women face today. There is a great deal of work that UNDP is doing to empower women and create linkages for women development and empowerment. Its efforts through creation of women counselling groups, provision of legal aid services, paralegal services, are few of the programme components. Hundreds of training workshops and seminars have been imparted to women in all localities Kassala to enrich the knowledge as well as raising voices and enhancing empowerment. UNDP will continue its efforts by raising awareness towards women and girl’s dignity and respect, rights in law and its efforts to end violence against women”.

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H.E. Muhammad Ahmed shared his thoughts about the significance of women in any successful society. In his address expressed, “It is the day to acknowledge the struggle for women's rights in the economic, social, political, and cultural areas. It is a day highlight to reaffirm women's solidarity in the struggle for nation building and to congratulate what women have achieved. It is good to see so many people here, and to see so many women’s groups represented – I’m sure that today will be really useful and interesting for all of us as I can see many women activists of our State that has struggled hard in these years for bringing the women at such forum and create examples for others, especially to fight the violence against women, women rights in society and the rights in inheritance. The political will is the most important component that helps such voices and hands and creates an environment for effective legislations to formulate such laws that become practices of a model society and the State government is quiet sensitized in this regard. I must appreciate the UNDP partnership and efforts that has created a significant difference to shoulder in such segments with government”.

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