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  1. :السودان يطلق أكبر حملة للفحص الطوعي لفيروس نقص المناعة مستهدفا أكثر من 100,000شخص #‘UNDP

  2. Today's the Intl Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the in War & Armed Conflict:

  3. ساعدت تدابير التكيف المناخية الجديدة في تحسين المحصول المزارعي بدارفور#السودان

  4. Roundtable on Fiscal Decentralization in Sudan on the 3/11. Emphasis is on concepts & principles as well as successes in other countries

  5. & national counterparts to disucss the need for an Inter-governmental Fiscal Transfer System for -poor Growth this Sunday.

  6. organizes special forum tomorrow on key concerns for developing countries in preparation for conference

  7. تتحتفل بيوم المتحدة حيث نستعرض اليوم كل ما يمكن ان نقوم به لجعل العالم مكانا افضل

  8. celebrates by reflecting on what more we can do to make the world a better place.

  9. : What happens after a crisis? Read our new 2012 report "Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery":

  10. What's the role of development during crisis? Read our immediate crisis response results in the new report:

  11. Sudan & partner with Min. of Foreign Affairs to train young diplomats on multilateral conferences.

  12. For Economy is vital as Sudan’s entire development is based on its natural resource base.

  13. & Ministry of Environment promote ’s move toward Economy as a solution to combat change

  14. الشباب السوداني يقوم باستخدام مواقع التواصل الأجتماعي لترميم المدراس وتحسين البيئة المدرسية socialgoodsummit

  15. Students supported by established innovation lab to monitor school kit distribution v

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