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Back in the Market: Darfurian Farmers Go back to Cultivation of Hibiscus
Some of Darfur’s poorest farmers are being given the chance to benefit from the growing global demand for hibiscus, with a new United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) pilot project, designed to improve cultivation techniques for hibiscus production.The hibiscus flower forms the major ingredient of many fruit teas and Sudan is known for producing high quality crops. About half of Sudan’s total hibiscus production is exported,....
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UNDP conducts Financial Reporting Workshop for the Civil Society Organizations
More than 75 Common Humanitarian Fund and Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund NGO partners participated in the Financial Reporting Workshop conducted recently by the UNDP Fund Management Unit. The objective of the workshop was to build the financial reporting capacity of partners by demonstrating step-by-step the process for completing a financial report, and illustrating what the FMU looks for when reviewing financial reports for compliance. The session also included an exercise with NGO partners finding the errors in non-compliant reports....
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Harnessing Youth Talents to Rebuild Darfur
In Majak County of Abyei Area, Santino Daho like many other young people in his age has spent most of his youth in an environment of instability and violence. “Our parents have lived with conflict for many years and now passing it on to my generation. I do not see the future getting better. I do not have the necessary education and am not really planning for tomorrow,”....
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Follow the Money:Sudan's Parliament and UNDP Working Together for Accountability
Recently, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the National Assembly's Economic and Finance Affairs organized a two- day training workshop on "Financial Monitoring: The Relationship between the Parliament and other Financial Oversight Institutions" aimed at developing and activating parliamentarians' financial oversight role and skills....
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Harnessing Youth Talents to Rebuild Darfur
Kawther is a recent graduate from the Zalingei University in Central Darfur, where she read Agriculture and Crop Science Studies. Like many other youth in her community, she hopes for peace and stability in a region that has long suffered the consequences of conflict. Believing in the importance of young people working together for a common future, Kawther took part in the Youth Volunteers Rebuilding Darfur Project (YVRDP) under the' Environment Volunteers' scheme....
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Establishment of One Man Can (OMC) National Network
Following the successful implementation of the One Man Can (OMC) campaigns in the Blue Nile, Northern Kordofan and Khartoum states, UNDP sought to expand the experience and share success of the campaigns more widely through capacity building of selected government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) aiming at establishing a national OMC  Network....
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Putting the Community First: New Reintegration and CSAC projects take hold in South Kordofan State
On April 21 2013, UNDP DDR unit in collaboration with the Sudan DDR Commission in South Kordofan state commenced a survey and data collection which will serve as the preparatory stage for the upcoming community-based reintegration projects to be implemented in Dilling locality in the war-torn South Kordofan state....
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If You Can’t Beat it, Adapt to it
In Bara, a locality in North Kordofan that encompasses 90 tiny villages, the greenery can be deceptive. The flat desert sprawls for miles around, dotted with tiny villages where the only colors to be seen are the bright clothes of women coming back from their weekly trip to the central market of Bara town....
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In ZamZam Camp: Inhabitants Facing Risk of Programme Closur
An outlook at the desperate premises of ZamZam Paralegal Justice and Confidence Center (JCC) in Northern Darfur is probably sufficient to reflect the hard living conditions and unenviable future of the camp’s residents. This condition has primarily been aggravated by diminishing financial resources that severely affect the camp and the JCC’s functionality and performance. The camp residents suffer from inadequate shelter, low health standards, and lack of gainful employment; all stealing the hope from the camp’s residents....
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Contributing to Human Security in Darfur
UK Minister for International Development, Lynne Featherstone, had the opportunity to witness the impact of community policing and paralegal support in Abu Shouk Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) camp that is provided by the Paralegal Justice and Confidence Center (JCC) in Darfur....
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UNDP – IOM Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP) Flash update on Grants Implementation
Vulnerable communities in the Three Areas continue to be affected by civil instability and violent inter-ethnic conflicts. Peace-building and reconciliation initiatives are vital to overcome the circle of violence and to work towards peaceful coexistence and sustainable community development....
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Ending Impunity - UNDP’s Legal Aid Programme in Darfur
Women and girls continue to suffer from widespread insecurity in the conflict-ridden region of Darfur. For 13-year old Aisha, her childhood ended when she was brutally raped by an adult man while on the way to the market of the small town of Garssila, in former West Darfur, now Central Darfur...
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“I am from South Kordofan”: Peace Ambassadors Spread the Message
The Sudan DDR Commission (SDDRC) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme has implemented a large-scale peace building project in both Khartoum and five localities in South Kordofan State, which aimed to provide a broad radio sensitization and outreach campaign to a populace which very much needs to hear it. The initiative was implemented through UNDP’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) programme in conjunction with the Joint IOM/UNDP Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP)......
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“Grateful for my sister” A Friendship is forged in Abyei - Story of a Dinka and Misseriya Friend
Hawa Deng, a tall Dinka woman, garbed in a red tobe, smiles as she recalls the time when she was due to give birth to her youngest son, “I was due for delivery and my husband wasn’t at home then. It was a difficult situation and I couldn’t think what I should be doing. But I will always be grateful that my sister was here. .....
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Prioritizing Darfur: The 2012 Darfur Joint Assessment Mission
The signing of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) between the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) and the Government of Sudan in July 2011 brought with it a new impetus for recovery and reconstruction in the Darfur region. As stipulated in the DDPD, a needs-assessment was to be carried out “to identify and assess the needs for economic recovery, development and poverty eradication in the aftermath of the conflict in Darfur.” This assessment would be crucial in considering the needs in social areas and infrastructure which would in turn determine the resources required for addressing those needs within a six year period. .....
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"From the bottom up":Local Development Brings Regional Impact to East Sudan
In the remote village of Diemoyo of Red Sea State in Eastern Sudan, a region suffering from some of the lowest development indicators in the country, the once high rate of child and maternal mortality has recently been reduced. The challenges for reducing maternity and child mortality are manifold in Sudan, including limited access to health care especially in remote areas, limited capacity and shortage of qualified healthcare workers, low utilization of available health services, and limited availability of specialized care and equipment. .....
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Putting Down the Weapon, Picking Up the Pen
Community Security and Arms Control (CSAC) interventions are a crucial element of UNDP’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) programme in Sudan which aims at creating conducive environments for the peaceful reintegration of ex-combatants and associated groups.Read full story

A Fresh Crop: Exciting Environmental Initiatives Take Hold in Northern Sudan
In the highly arid ecosystems in the northern part of the country lies River Nile state. Under the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) framework in the state, six villages that lay alongside the western bank of the River Atbara have been targeted by UNDP for increasing the resilience of the local communities to the effects of climate change in Sudan.Read full story

GOAL GREEN: UNDP Continues its Engagement to Fight Climate Change in Sudan
Khartoum, 31, 7 2012, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sudan through its Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN) Project and in collaboration with the Sudan Meteorological Authority, the Agriculture Research Cooperation and the Sudanese Climate Change ...Read full story

Delivering Security. Securing Deliveries: UNDP works for women in Darfur
On a balmy Wednesday afternoon in the “North Darfur Midwifery Training Centre” in El Fasher, thirty young women listen attentively to Reproductive Health Tutor Hawa Osman Ushak, as she discusses the necessity of sanitation when delivering a baby. The women, dressed in clean white garb,...Read full story

Sweeter than Honey: Economic Recovery Returns to Darfur
South Darfur is known as a troubled region beset by years of endemic conflict, poverty, destruction of natural resources, and deterioration of livelihoods. However, the land is also a dynamic region that defies its popular conception as intractably and inevitably conflict-ridden. Recently, new projects being implemented by the UNDP Darfur Livelihoods Recovery Programme are slowly but surely changing that view....Read full story

Civic Education Comes First in South Kordofan
On June 26-27th 2012 in Dilling, South Kordofan state, UNDP DDR implementing partner Near East Foundation unrolled the first civic education training of trainers in the state. Using the lessons learned from the project originally piloted in neighboring Blue Nile state last year and reaching an estimated 1300 people, the project aims to train both ex-combatants and civilians in topics including first aid, nutrition...Read full story

Reintegration Services Continue to Roll Out for South Kordofans
May 21, 2012 – As part of its firm commitment to fulfilling its obligations to provide Reintegration services to ex-combatants in South Kordofan State, Sunday May 20, 2012 saw the signing of a final contract by national NGO, Jasmar with UNDP DDR and its partner SDDRC...Read full story

UNDP Sudan Celebrates Mother’s Day
Khartoum- 20th 2012, Staff at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)Sudan paid tribute today to their mothers, sisters, spouses and daughters in celebration of Mother’s day. Speeches were given, poetry recited and joyful signing accompanied the ceremony to mark this important day in everyone’s life...Read full story

Fund Links Women to Skills and Income Opportunities
Port Sudan, Red See State, 14 August 2011 - The women of the Diem Arab Centre in downtown Port Sudan have traditionally suffered from absence of viable economic options and welcome income-generating opportunities to earn money for their families. The members greatly appreciated the eight bakery ovens and eight sewing machines received from UNDP in late 2010 that have provided a new lease on life to the women’s centre. ...Read full story

UNDP Supports Value Chain Development in Sudan
Khartoum 28 July, 2011 – In the framework of supporting microfinance sectors in Sudan and enhancing capacity building mechanisms of national and sub-national levels for value chain development in Sudan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Microfinance Unit (MFU) at the Central Bank of Sudan organized a five day workshop on July 24th on “Training on Inclusive Market Development with a Focus on Value Chains and Access to Finance.” ...Read full story

Mixing (small) Business and Pleasure: a UNV story in Sudan
1 May 2011 - On a dusty side road in Damazine in Blue Nile State, near a sparkling but empty Chinese hospital, Amir Muhamad Babiker tends his shop. It’s not big, but it’s his and this Tuesday morning it seems the whole town is looking for sugar.
A girl not more than five or six steps forward and shyly hands Babiker a crumpled one Sudanese pound note. He measures out the appropriate amount of sugar and dutifully hands it back before she quickly scurries off.
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UNDP Supports Training of 50 Sudanese Judges to Promote Good Governance and Rule of Law
Khartoum- February 13, 2011: The Sudan Judiciary and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have launched today a comprehensive training workshop targeting subordinate court judges at the Judiciary House in Khartoum. Fifty judges from different states are to participate in this four-week workshop which is aimed at raising the capacity of the judges to effectively and fairly apply the law and deliver justice. ...Read full story

UNDP Organizes First Forum on Legislative Coordination in a Federal System in Sudan
Khartoum, 12 December 2010 - Ensuring the proper implementation of a decentralized governance system in Sudan, was the main theme of the first forum on “Legislative Coordination in a Federal System” held in Khartoum on 12-13 December 2010...Read full story

UNVs, Children's Charity Team UP to Restore Hospital Palliative Centre for Cancer Patients in Khartoum
Khartoum, 5 December 2010 - “Volunteering for Millennium Development Goals” was the theme of the International Volunteer Day 2010 in Khartoum. A commemorative event was organized to celebrate the IVD 2010 amidst much festivity at the Radiation and Isotopes Center in Khartoum (RICK) of the Khartoum City Hospital....Read full story

Better information means better poverty reduction policies
Juba,13 August 2010 – The fight against poverty requires a better understanding of what causes poverty, who is poor, and how poverty changes over time. Without this information, designing and implementing effective poverty reduction programmes can be very challenging.To help address some of the data gaps that exist and measure the scope of poverty in Southern Sudan ....Read full story

County consultations: Linking the government to the people
Juba, 13 July, 2010 - Over the last decade, the international community has become increasingly focused on projects that are community planned and community driven. Experience has shown that, by engaging people at the community level, development projects tend to be much more responsive, better designed and likely to succeed in the long term. While UNDP’s programme in Southern Sudan places a heavy emphasis on building the capacity of key government institutions....Read full story

UNDP-Managed Elections Basket Fund Enables Women’s’ Effective Participation
Women’s’ High Turnout in Sudanese Elections a Potential Game-Changer
Khartoum, 19 April 2010 - Setting aside physical and logistical difficulties and thinly-veiled threats from a section of the religious right, women across the North and Southern parts of the country thronged polling stations in large numbers to exercise their vote, the first time in a generation. There were an estimated 16,000 polling stations throughout the country, over 10,000 in the North and nearly 6,000 in the South. What really accounted for high enthusiasm among women to participate in the landmark Sudanese elections possible and have their voices heard?....Read full story

Shifting the balance: Sudanese women in positions of power
Juba, 16 April 2010 - There is unequal participation and representation of men and women in almost all political and socio-economic spheres in Southern Sudan, with women remaining a minority. Though some progress has been made since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005, more must be done to encourage women to compete for high-level positions so that they are properly represented in key institutions. Enabling women to pursue careers in government and law will help create a new generation of leaders who can address and defend equal rights in parliament, in the courtroom, and in the community....Read full story

VCT Centers Ensuring Universal Access to Testing and Treatment
Khartoum, 1 January 2010 - “The social aspect of HIV is the worst aspect of the disease,” explains counselor Nahla Mahjoub Al-Zubair who works as a social counselor in the Voluntary and Counseling and Testing Center (VCT) in Khartoum North Hospital ...Read full story

NTP and GFATM formulate New Messages for TB Education
Khartoum, 1 January 2010 - Tuberculosis (TB) is a huge public concern in Sudan. The disease is characterized with public ignorance and high social stigma of TB-patients leading to increased number of TB positive cases. According to the WHO, Sudan alone carries 15% of the TB burden in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. TB is a curable disease however discontinued treatment is very common which leads patients to develop resistance to treatment ...Read full story

Interview with the Director of the Sudan National AIDS Control Programme Dr. Ehab Ali Hassan
Khartoum, 1 January 2010
Q.1 Dr. Ehab first, I wish to congratulate you on your new post as the Sudan National AIDS Control Programme (SNAP) director. How would you describe the current HIV situation in Sudan?
A. Sudan is a very large country with diversity in both climate and in ethnicity; hence the HIV situation also varies in the South and the North.
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Malaria Survey Kicks off in 15 Northern States
Khartoum, 1 January 2010 -The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP), in collaboration with GFATM and WHO is currently entering data for the findings of the national malaria survey conducted during the period 19 October- 4 November2009. This survey was conducted in 11 states covering a population of more than 17 million and was divided into three components: a household-, household member’s-, and women and children questionnaire ...Read full story

The National Elections Commission registers over 75% of eligible voters in preparation for the upcoming Elections
Khartoum, 6 January 2010 - Early official reports from the National Elections Commission provide optimism for the April polling process. The Commission registered over 16 million voters throughout Sudan from Nov 1 through Dec 7, 2009. This is 79% of just over 20 million eligible Sudanese voters determined by the 2008 census exercise ...Read full story

Volunteers plant 1,000 trees in rural Khartoum
Khartoum, December 2009 - Arriving in five buses at the desert village of Wawisi, 50 kilometres north of Khartoum, 150 volunteers set out with the local community to plant 1,000 trees in commemoration of International Volunteer Day on 5 December. “We need the trees for water and to make us healthier,” 18-year-old student Suha said,...Read full story

UN brings together opposing Sudanese tribes in historic peace talks
Abyei, December 2009 - Amidst the cheering, drumming and dancing of women from Sudan’s Missiriya tribe in Um Khaer village in the Sudanese county of Abyei, a group of Missiriya representatives from this traditionally nomadic tribe gathered on December 14, 2009 for a historic meeting with representatives from the Dinka Ngok tribe ...Read full story

UNDP Southern Sudan makes poverty reduction a key priority
Juba, November 2009: World leaders have pledged to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, which include the overarching goal of cutting extreme poverty in half. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), using its worldwide network, is coordinating global and national efforts to reach these Goals ...Read full story

Mobile Clinic Reaches Remote Communities
Warrap State, November 2009: Abuop Deng lifts up her baby’s shirt and shows a community health worker a rash that covers the infant’s stomach. He has had it for weeks, along with a fever and diarrhea, she explains. They, along with dozens of other community members, are sitting under the shade of a huge tree in the centre of the small village of Mawut. ...Read full story

Microcredit Programme Pays Off
Wonduruba, September 2009: A group of men sit outside a shop beside the main road of Wonduruba chatting and drinking cold beverages. A woman rummages through a small cooler and approaches them with another round. As she opens one of the bottles she cracks a joke that gets the crowd going. ...Read full story

Female-run Farms Flourish after RRP Training
Wonduruba, September 2009: Helen Koja holds her son in her arms as she strolls through fields of fresh green vegetables. She bends down, picks a piece of spinach and hands it to the baby in her arms. This, she says, is full of vitamins; and will help children to grow up strong. The spinach and other crops surrounding Koja’s home are doing more than that...Read full story

Organic Honey a Sweet Success
Central Equatoria State, September 2009 :As a young boy Lorwue would follow his older brother as he collected pieces of bamboo and tied them together with local grass. They would leave these traditional hives deep in the forest and come back late at night when they would light a torch and start fires to disturb the bees out of their hives and collect the honey. ...Read full story

Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly Delegation Concludes Study Tour to Egypt
Juba, July 2009: A delegation representing the Committee on Gender, Social Welfare, Youth and Sports in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) participated in a study tour to Egypt from 20 - 26 June. The aim of the visit was to enable the members of the Committee to examine gender laws in Egypt and draw lessons from the Egyptian experience in gender equality ...Read full story

Local Government Act Passed
Juba, June 2009: The Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) passed the Local Government Act in April, paving the way for the dissemination of authority to local government councils. “Support to local government is a key element of UNDP’s efforts to strengthen government structures in Southern Sudan”, said Joe Feeney, UNDP Southern Sudan’s Head of Office...Read full story

Fishermen Reel in Shared Profit
Red Sea, June 2009: “You can always tell when you are getting near the sea, says 50-year old Ali Abu Ali. “The air feels different; cooler against your skin.” Ali and most of the men in his village have been fishing most of their lives ...Read full story

Community Farms Cultivate Food and Financial Success
Red Sea, June 2009: As the sun rises and the smell of ginger-infused coffee fills the air, women emerge from their homes and head to a lush green field of abusabean, a crop used as cattle feed. It grows easily and abundantly in Sudan; provided there is enough water. ....Read full story

Water Network Sprouts Unexpected Returns
Ashkoot, April 2009: The first time the water started flowing through the pipes in the dry, remote village of Ashkoot, all that could be heard throughout the community was the sound of “zaghrouta”, the celebratory ululation of joy that is particular to the region ....Read full story

Food Production Training makes Cents
River Nile State, April 2009: Thirty-five-year old Alwaia Ahmed Elnigai might have never known she had an entrepreneurial streak in her had she not decided to participate in the RRP food processing course that was offered in Tuaakin, a small and sleepy village with little economic activity in River Nile State. ....Read full story

Midwives Making a Difference in Kurgus
Kurgus, April 2009: Siham Hamed is in the hospital waiting to deliver her first child. Although she is nervous she says she is confident that the thsree midwives there will take care of her and her baby. She has been coming to see them every month since she found out about her pregnancy eight months ago. ....Read full story

JIPUs receive medical aid
Abyei, April 2009:To ensure the good health of Joint Integrated Police Units (JIPUs) officers and to enhance policing services and access to justice, the Support to the Abyei Civil Administration project provided JIPUs with medical kits including antibiotics, painkillers, syringes and needles, bandages, and gauzes. ....Read full story

Code of conduct for prisons staff approved
Juba, April 2009: Decades of war and instability in Southern Sudan have devastated the delivery capacity of local law enforcement institutions. The Prisons Service in the region is largely staffed with ex-combatants with little or no formal correctional training, and the majority have been working without compensation or on a voluntary basis. ....Read full story

Skilled midwives help make motherhood safer in Blue Nile State
Blue Nile State, April 2009: “The first time I delivered a baby I felt so nervous. I thought can I or can’t I really do this?” says 18-year old Nafiza Abdallah as she sits outside her home in the small fishing village of Ofud in Blue Nile State. ....Read full story

Southern Sudan road safety campaign
Juba, April 2009: Traffic accidents, particularly motorcycle accidents, are a widespread problem across Southern Sudan. More vehicles on the roads increase the availability of transportation for people, goods, and services, but when road safety procedures and laws are neglected, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are all at risk ...Read full story

Sudan Judiciary trains 60 judges
Khartoum, April 2009: In a continuing effort to strengthen the capacity of Sudanese judges, Sudan Judiciary’s Training Department with support from the Capacity Building of the Sudan Judiciary project, is holding a series of capacity building sessions aimed at training 60 judges in several areas of law from 15 February to 30 June 2009 in Khartoum. ....Read full story

Sand water filters: Simple solution to a life threatening situation
Kolang, 29 Januray 2009: For as long as she can remember, 43-year-old Ajang Abier watched friends and family fall mysteriously ill in her remote community of Kolang, in Upper Nile State. It wasn’t until she found herself rushing her 7-year-old son to the health centre due to severe stomach pain and vomiting that she vowed to look into the reasons why her village was vexed with a constant host of stomach complications ....Read full story

Finding more ways to volunteer in Southern Kordofan
Kadugli, 26 Januray 2009: A group of UNV volunteers working in Sudan is uniting to volunteer after hours and encourage local people to volunteer in their community. There are 17 UNV volunteers in Kadugli, Southern Kordofan, assigned to the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and UNDP in a variety of roles ...Read full story

6th Governors’ Forum of Southern Sudan Wraps Up Today in Juba
Juba, Southern Sudan, October 2 2008, The 6th Governors’ Forum of Southern Sudan wraps up today with a strong commitment from First Vice President of the Republic of the Sudan and President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), H.E. Lt. General, Salva Kiir Mayardit, Vice President of the GoSS, H.E. Dr. Riak Machar, ministers, state governors, UN and development partners to the decentralization process in Southern Sudan. ....Read full story

Birth of SHAWG: Sudanese Expatriates Join the Fight Against AIDS in Sudan
Khartoum, 11 August 2008, Four Sudanese HIV/AIDS specialists who live and work in the UK and South Africa began a venture that could significantly improve the fight against the epidemic in Sudan. On 10 August they launched the London-based Sudan HIV/AIDS Working Group (SHAWG); a voluntary network of healthcare professionals who seek to help roll back the epidemic in the country ....Read full story

Imams in Darfur Discuss International Law and Women's Rights
Nyala, April 5 2008, As part of its Rule of Law Programme in Darfur, UNDP regularly organises public debates and workshops to engage with all sections of the conflict-riddled society. Religious leaders are an important target group, as they are a trusted source of guidance on matters related to ethics and human behaviour ...Read full story

First Vice President Presses Ahead With Transition From Relief To Development
Juba, Southern Sudan, June 2008 - First Vice President of the Republic of the Sudan and President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), H.E. General Salva Kiir received on 6 June a UNDP delegation led by Ms. Ameerah Haq, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sudan, Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative. ...Read full story

Promoting the Rule of Law in Darfur as a UN Volunteer
El Geneina, February 2008, West Darfur is a long way from my home in North Carolina in the southern part of United States of America ...Read full story

RRP Upper Nile Helps 203 Farmers Expand Production
Khartoum, 13 January 2008, Deng Kak has worked on the cotton and sunflower commercial farms for as long as he can remember ...Read full story

Lesson on HIV/AIDS Advocacy: Kober Prison Inmate’s story
December 5, 2007, When Amir Suleiman was jailed at Kober Prison in Khartoum for bankruptcy last year, he did his best to avoid contact with the other inmates. But Amir, a 37-year-old father of three ...Read full story

The First Gender Task Force in South Kordofan State:
Kadugli, 11 September 2007, This week the first Ministerial Gender Task Force in South Kordofan state was established. The Task Force is composed of 45 civil servants, 25 of which are women, selected from nine state ministries, .... Read full story

Three-month de-mining campaign completed:
Khartoum, July 28 2007, The true extent of the problems related to landmines and Explosives Remnants of War (ERW) remains unknown in Sudan .... Read full story

UNDP responds to Floods in Sudan: Early Recovery Efforts Continue:
Khartoum, August 3 2007, According to Sudanese Red Crescent assessments, the floods that had hit Sudan this year is by far the worst disaster in the last two decades .... Read full story

River Nile State Government Boosts Local Recovery and Rehabilitation Project in the region:
In mid-July 2007, the River Nile state government pledged a 30% in-kind contribution to the Recovery and Rehabilitation Programmeme (RRP) in Abu Hammed and Berber localities ... Read full story

RRP Advances Modern Medical Treatment Through Keyala Healthcare Center:
Juba, 22 March 2007, Four-year-old Bosco Oliha was wrestling with his brother at home when he tumbled to the floor and fractured his leg. His father, Sarlino Oliha, carried him 15 kilometers to the Keyala healthcare center ... Read full story

Volunteers continue to make a difference in Sudan:
Until Thursday December 7, 623 Sudanese girls, students of Omer Elmokhtar girls school, one of Khartoum’s oldest establishments, were crammed 50 to a classroom... Read full story

Sudanese women in joint call for greater political representation :
Juba, 12 May 2007, The Samani Hall of the prestigious Juba University in South Sudan reverberated with song and dance. More than 700 women filled the hall that has a seating capacity of only... Read full story

Puppet Shows in Southern Sudan:
Juba, November 8 2007, In the Wonduruba market in Southern Sudan, community members paused and listened as a familiar song momentarily blocked out the sound of the every-day hustle and bustle. It was a song they'd heard before... Read full story

Student Helps Build the School He Hopes to Attend:
Juba, December 15 2007, Secondary student Paul Zaradia spends his weekends mixing concrete, making bricks, and helping to build the school he hopes to attend in Korera village in South Kordofan. Paul, who is 16 years.... Read full story

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