Policy Roundtable Discussion on Fiscal Decentralization November 3rd, 2013


Discussion Paper | Fiscal Transfers: Global Lessons and Best Practices

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- English version

Discussion Paper | Fiscal Transfers: Towards a Pro-poor System

- Arabic version
- English version

Status of MDGs in Sudan in 2012
MDG 1 Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
MDG 2 Achieve Universal Primary Education
MDG 3 Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
MDG 4 Reduce Child Mortality
MDG 5 Improve Maternal Health
MDG 6 Combat HIV Aids, Malaria and other diseases
MDG 7 Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes; reverse loss of environmental resources
MDG 8 Develop a Global Partnership for development


In order to facilitate multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on current development issues of significance for Sudan, UNDP Sudan has recently established a regular discussion forum in the form of Round Table discussions, in collaboration with pertinent federal institutions.

The first Round Table was held to review and finalize research and policy papers in preparation for the planned Istanbul International Economic Conference in collaboration with the then Ministry of International Cooperation conducted on March 6, 2012.

The second was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Development on “Potentials for Green Investment in Sudan” on July 16, 2012. The findings of this round table are believed to have helped to inform studies for the development of a set of strategies and policies promoting the green economy agenda in Sudan.

Round Table on Fiscal Decentralization

This third Round Table organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and National Economy will discuss challenges of fiscal decentralization with focus on the topic entitled “The Need for a Well Functioning Inter-governmental Fiscal Transfer System for Pro-poor Growth and Poverty Reduction in Sudan: Global Lessons Learned”. This Round Table intends to inform and support public policy decisions through galvanizing views, new ideas and perspectives on the existing inter-governmental fiscal transfer system in Sudan with a view to turning it more pro-poor, equitable and efficient.

The annual budget being an important instrument to implement national policies and strategies, a well-functioning inter-governmental fiscal transfer system enables each level of Government to fulfill its constitutional mandates in terms of basic service delivery and provision of infrastructure to grass root population.

This mechanism also guides national development actors to identify their areas of engagement to play complementary developmental role effectively towards improving the living conditions of the Sudanese people. As part of the round table, experiences and lessons from other countries with comparable contexts will be shared and enrich the discussion.

Participation & Proceedings

This Round Table draws participation from Government, NGOs/CSOs, Private business community, academia and think tanks and international development partners that are believed to contribute to the debate at the Round Table. Each state will be represented by three participants drawn from three pertinent state level institutions given the paramount importance of inter-governmental fiscal transfer issues to sub-national governments. The participation of states is expected to enrich the discussion at the Round Table.

Two research papers will be presented by high-level experts, elaborating on concepts and principles of intergovernmental fiscal transfer system along with the review of policy, strategy and institutional issues as well as review of existing literatures on best practices and lessons to be drawn for Sudan.

This includes an assessment (stocktaking) of the design and implementation of the existing inter-governmental fiscal transfer systems in Sudan and an overview of international best practices and country experiences in the design and implementation of inter-governmental fiscal transfer systems.

The research papers both in English and Arabic will be shared electronically shortly via email and be posted on the UNDP website.

Logistics Arrangements

The Round Table will take place on the 3rd of November, 2013 from 8:30 am to 16.00 at Corinthia Hotel.

For participants from states excluding Khartoum State, UNDP will cover travel costs (cost of return air ticket for those coming by plane and fixed lump sum amount for fuel cost for those using office cars) and Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for 2 nights (the night before the date of the Round Table and the night of the Round Table).

For queries related to administrative and logistical matters, you may need to contact Mr. Abdalatif Hassan at his e-mail: Abdalatif.hassan@undp.org and Cell Phone: 0967 80 0239 and Mrs. Afaf Mohammed at her e-mail: afaf.mohamed@undp.org and Cell Phone: 0914256704.
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