Support the Implementation of Sudan´s Universal Periodic Review Recommendations

Fast Facts:
Project document and reports available upon request
Location: National
Duration: 2012 - 2016
Focus area: Democratic Governance
Contributions(USD): UNDP
Funds available for 2013(USD): 200,000
Partners: The Ministry of Justice, Civil Society Organizations and Constitutional Commission
Contact person in UNDP: Noha Abdelgabar
Programme Specialist

Hugo Rascão
Project Manager

Last updated: February 2013


The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a mechanism established by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), which aims to improve the human rights situation on the ground in each of the UN Member States and address human rights violations wherever they occur.
Sudan went through the review process, in May 2011, and the result of Sudan participation in UPR process was adopted at the 18th Plenary Session of the HRC in July 2011. Subsequently, the HRC adopted a final document, which contains an assessment of the human rights situation in Sudan, including positive developments and challenges faced by Sudan, recommendations on enhancement of cooperation for the promotion and protection of human rights, technical assistance and capacity building.

After Sudan’s UPR review at the HRC, the Ministry of Justice presented, through Advisory Council of Human Rights (ACHR), a statement to the HRC to enumerate the accepted and rejected recommendations of the UPR.

As a response to a direct request from the Sudanese Ministry of Justice, UNDP plans to develop a comprehensive Technical Assistance Programme to strengthen mechanisms/institutions/systems and empower capacities needed for the protection and promotion of human rights at the national and the State levels. In doing so, UNDP will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Justice to coordinate the implementation of the recommendations of the UPR with the relevant government institutions, and support civil society organizations to participate in the implementation of the UPR recommendations.

Promote and protect human rights at the national and State levels through provision of technical assistance to the Ministry of Justice to develop a National Human Rights Action Plan to Implement Sudan’s UPR recommendations
• Support and encourage relevant institutions to ratify the key human rights treaties and disseminate human rights culture
• Provide support to the Ministry of Justice and relevant institutions to carry out a Needs Assessment to identify gaps that will aid Sudan to fulfil its human rights obligations and to strength the administration of justice
• Support Civil Society Organizations (CSO´s) to participate in the UPR process
• Support the Constitutional review to incorporate provisions for the protection of the human rights in the new constitution

Snapshots of the project's major achievements
• Developed a comprehensive strategy to implement and monitor the UPR recommendations
• Conducted a consultative workshop for 30 participants from government institutions with human rights mandate in khartoum
• Conducted UPR sessions, at three localities in North Kordofan State, on child rights and participation on constitution making attended by 140 participants from different stakeholders: police, prison, teachers and women
• Supported the participation of 5 Civil Society Organizations on the implementation of UPR Recommendations through 18 workshops on human rights with focus to child rights/women’s rights and increase capacity in promotion and protection, strengthening the administration of justice, adherence to the principle of fair trail, legal aid and environmental conservation rights (Northern State, North Kordofan State, Gadarif State, Nile State, Kassala State, Elgazera State
• Achievements under the letter of agreement with the Ministry of Justice:
• Conducted a consultive workshop for relevant government institutions to formulate a National Human Rights Plan to implement and monitor the UPR recommendations
• Equipped the training hall of the Ministry of Justice to support the training of the Ministry´s officials (on going)
• Trained 900 participants from the concerned government institutions officials on promotion and protection of human rights to implement UPR recommendations through 12 training workshops (on going in different States: Khartoum; Elgazera; Northern; River Nile; Sinar; White Nile; Red Sea; Kassala; Algadarif; Blue Nile; North Kordofan; South Kordofan)

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