Got a gluten allergy or a hypoallergenic dog? You're kidding yourself, says leading allergy doctor

All in the bread? Gluten allergy - which deters many people from eating bread - is not actually a real affliction,

Soaring numbers of asthma suffers are also developing CAT allergies

Asthma sufferers are a third more likely to be allergic to cats than those without the respiratory disease

Researchers at the New Jersey Medical School also found that asthma sufferers are a third more likely to be allergic to cats than those without the condition.

Regularly brushing your teeth lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes

Life-saving: Brushing at least twice a day could help lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes, researchers have found

Brushing and flossing has now been found to help to combat bacteria in the mouth that can cause hardening of the arteries which may lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Rise of nip and tuck tourism: Nearly a third of Brits who opt for cosmetic surgery now have their operation abroad

Treatment abroad: Switzerland is the country of choice for those wishing to undergo liposuction

Worryingly, more than half are unhappy with the results and one in five had to have further treatment back in Britain to correct problems.

Women really DO get more exhausted during exercise than men - and electrics in the chest muscles are to blame

A new study revealed that women have ¿greater electrical activation¿ of the chest muscles that control breathing, making it harder for them to breathe during exercise

Researchers at McGill University in Canada found that women have 'greater electrical activation' of the chest muscles that control breathing.

The secret to retaining self-control at a buffet? Eat the FRUIT first: People who start with healthier foods are less tempted by junk later on

The researchers found that the order in which food was presented really did affect whether a diner picked it up.

Diners who started with junk food ate 31 per cent more calories during the meal, say Cornell University researchers.

Baby's gaze indicates the early signs of autism: Children who avoid eye contact may be at higher risk of the condition

Babies who are reluctant to look into people's eyes may be showing early signs of autism, new research suggests

Researchers at the Marcus Autism Centre in Atlanta found that signs of autism can be picked up when a child is only two months old.

The baby born with just half a heart but an iron will: 12-week-old Sophie survives major surgery and is finally allowed home


Sophie Maxwell (pictured with her mother, Kerry Anne), 12 weeks old, from South Tyneside, has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare congenital heart condition that leaves the heart's left ventricle underdeveloped. She had open heart surgery when she was just five days old and she will need two more operations. She might eventually require a heart transplant.

You can tell by the age of THREE if a child will become a tearaway: Some children will 'never grow out of bad behaviour'

Researchers believe it is possible to tell at an early age which children will become anti-social adults

Researchers at a group of U.S. universities, including the University of Michigan, found bad behaviour results from an over-active brain region.

'Fountain of youth' gene is discovered - and scientists say it could help heal wounds

A 'fountain of youth gene' has been identified by scientists and helps explain why young people recover more quickly from injuries than adults

The gene, Lin28a, was discovered by Harvard Medical School scientists. It is highly active in the womb but becomes less potent with age.

£100 test that can reveal a woman's breast cancer risk: Exam that will assess genes, weight and lifestyle could be available within three years

New hope: The breast cancer risk test could be available within three to four years

The breast cancer risk test, being developed by academics at the University of Cambridge, would be offered to women in their 40s.

Women who have younger looking faces 'have lower blood pressure and could live longer'

Fresh faced: Young looking women could live longer, research suggests

Research suggests young looking women tend to have lower blood pressure, reducing their risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attacks and strokes.

Why 10.30am is the ideal time for a coffee: Our body clocks are most receptive to the effects of caffeine a few hours after waking

It is best to drink coffee when the body's levels of the hormone cortisol are low because caffeine interacts with the hormone

Steven Miller, from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland, says if people drink coffee when they wake up they become resistant to its benefits.

Kidney failure risk of blood pressure pills taken by 5million: Tablets linked to sudden renal failure

Risk: A Cambridge University study has linked ACE inhibitors to sudden renal failure

A Cambridge University study has linked popular ACE inhibitor pills to sudden renal failure - which is fatal in up to 30 per cent of cases.

Living with werewolf syndrome: Mother and her three children from remote Nepalese village undergo laser treatment to help their condition


Devi Budhathoki, 38, and her children Manjura, 14, and Niraj, 12, (pictured before and after treatment) from a remote village in northern Nepal suffers from Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa, commonly known as ‘Werewolf Syndrome’ a rare disease that causes excessive hair growth. The family travelled from their mountain home to undergoing laser hair removal in order to lessen their symptoms.

Scientists discover a new body part in the KNEE - and it could explain why so many injured joints give way during exercise

Two knee surgeons in Belgium have found a previously unknown ligament in the human knee

Dr Steven Claes and Professor Johan Bellemans at University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium, found a new ligament which is called the anterolateral ligament.

Chubby lads make no effort to shift the pounds as they find being overweight 'more socially acceptable' than women

Jubbly and jolly: A majority of fat men do not make any effort to lose weight, a survey has found

Just 41 per cent of overweight men said they were making efforts to slim down compared to two thirds of women, researchers have found.

Horrible bosses really ARE bad for your health: Chronic stress can lead to heart disease and diabetes, experts warn

Working for a difficult boss, such as Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, in The Devil Wears Prada, can cause chronic stress which is bad for employees' health in the long term

Researchers at Ohio State University found having a difficult boss, such as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (pictured), can cause inflammation in the body.

A third of young men have suffered from 'manorexia' - either by purging or abusing drugs - because they hate their appearance

Almost one in three young men has gone to extremes - including making themselves sick after eating - to enhance their appearance

New data suggests that eating disorders are a growing problem among teenage boys. Many are turning to drugs and muscle-building supplements.

ADHD diagnosis may have become too broad causing 'needless and harmful' treatment for children, warns study

Potentially harmful: A wider classification of symptoms for ADHD in the psychiatric 'bible' used by the profession has led to a steep rise in diagnosis and prescriptions for medication, the study warned (picture posed by model)

A wider classification of symptoms for ADHD in the psychiatric ‘bible’ used by the profession has led to a steep rise in diagnosis and prescriptions for medication, the study warned.

Could eating blueberries add years to your life? A daily bowl could protect against obesity, heart disease and diabetes

A bowl of wild blueberries a day could protect against a range of health problems including obesity, heart disease and diabetes

Regular consumption of the berries can improve or prevent metabolic syndrome, say researchers from the University of Maine.

Distraught parents' anger after doctors failed to spot 33-year-old daughter's skin cancer two years before she died

Lianne Gosling

Lianne Gosling, from North Yorkshire, died of malignant melanoma less than a year after finding a suspicious mole in her eyebrow. The mother of eight-year-old twin sons, Sam and Ryan, used sunbeds 'at least once a week' and doctors believe this was the cause of her death. Her father Robert said: 'Sunbed use has robbed us of our stunning only daughter. She hardly ever went abroad. If this story just saves one life, then it's worth it and Lianne will not have died in vain.'

12% of Britons feel 'utterly exhausted' all of the time - with twice as many women suffering as men

More than one in ten Britons say they feel utterly exhausted, according to a new study

Research conducted by the health spa Champneys revealed 53 per cent of people are continuously tired and 41 per cent sometimes feel exhausted.

Probiotic drink made from Japanese pickle could provide wonder cure for flu

Wonder cure? Bacteria found in Japanese pickled turnip could help to prevent flu

New research has suggested that the immune-boosting powers of Lactobacillus bugs found in Japanese pickled turnip, or Suguki, could help fight the virus.

Want to feel a warm glow? It's just a walk in the park: How even taking a short break from city life makes us happier and healthier

Simple: Losing weight and staying happy could be as easy as a walk in the park, a study has found

Time spent in urban environments leaves us prone to rash decisions, while exposure to the great outdoors helps us slow down and better consider our future, scientists claim.

How playing an instrument as a child can help hearing in later life: Brain cells respond faster to noise

Positive: Music lessons in childhood can help hearing in later life, a study has found

Taking music lessons in childhood helps hearing in later life, a study by Northwestern University in Illionois, US, has found.

The woman who's so terrified of vegetables she's only eaten junk food for 16 years (and weighs just NINE stone)

Faye Campbell

Faye Campbell, 21, from Stowmarket, Suffolk, will always choose McDonald's over any home-made meal and has never eaten a green vegetable or a piece of fruit. She said: 'The thought of eating vegetables or any sort of fruit just makes me feel physically sick. Even putting them near my mouth terrifies me.'

Britons spend 11 hours a day looking at mobiles, tablets, laptops and TVs - and it's causing a host of eye problems

Britons spend an average of 11 hours a day staring at screens, new research has revealed. This amounts to 77 hours a week spent looking at computers, phones, tablets and televisions

A survey carried out for Spectrum Thea eye care specialists revealed the average Briton spends 77.3 hours a week looking at a screen.

Scandal of the tragic boy whose ordeal touched Kate: Probe into cancer care at hospital where four-year-old died

Mackenzie Cackett who died after blunder at Colchester hospital

Mackenzie Cackett, pictured with the Duchess of Cambridge, died of a brain tumour after a series of delays to his treatment at Colchester General Hospital.

'Breast cancer? But I'm fit, healthy... and a man!' Andy was shocked to learn he had breast cancer - and needed a mastectomy to treat it

Andy Nichol

As a well-informed, health-conscious man, Andy Nichol, pictured with his wife, knew that men his age should be on the lookout for signs of prostate or bowel cancer.

Why single women should ditch Facebook: Seeing friends' weddings and babies is bad for their health, says relationship expert

Author Zoe Strimpel says Facebook bombards single women with pictures of 'perfect' weddings and babies, which causes envy and voyeurism

Author Zoe Strimpel says the social media site bombards singletons with pictures of seemingly 'perfect' lives, which causes envy and voyeurism.

Boy bullied because he was born without an ear has a new one built from one of his RIBS

Alfie Hazell

Alfie Hazell (left, as a toddler and, inset, as a baby), from Hertfordshire, was born with hemifacial microsomia - a congenital disorder that affects the development of the lower half of the face. He had no ear on his left side until surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital built him a new one (right) using one of his ribs and skin grafts.

Teacher, 42, bled to death 14 hours after a routine operation because surgeon severed an artery and didn't notice his mistake

Andrea Green bled to death after a routine back operation in March 2010

Andrea Green, 42, bled to death 14 hours after routine surgery at Barnsley Hospital in March 2010, where consultants had warned management of the 'grave risks' to patient safety because of inadequate staffing levels.

Wives really ARE the glue that hold marriages together: Those who calm down quickly after arguments have the best relationships

The secret to wedded bliss? When it comes to keeping the peace, it is more important for wives to calm down after a heated argument than husbands

A study from Berkeley College, California, has found that, it is more important for wives than for husbands to calm down after a heated argument.

Is it really true that skipping breakfast will make you ill? And what's the healthiest thing to eat?

Breakfast blues: Men who don't eat the meal are 27% more likely to suffer heart attacks or heart disease

Did you have breakfast today? If not, you're putting yourself in grave danger - at least, that's according to a slew of recent reports.

Girls are going through puberty earlier than ever - and OBESITY is to blame

Girls are going through puberty earlier and earlier, a new study has found. This is thought to be because of increasing rates of childhood obesity

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre found that, on average, white American girls now start to develop breasts when they are nine and a half.

'I was trapped in a body I hated': Mother, 42, describes the misery of living with psoriasis


EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Lawrence-French (pictured with her husband, Alan, and sons, Damian and Ethan), from Harrow, has had the painful skin condition since she was 18 and says it has a devastating impact on her self-confidence. She said it left her feeling 'trapped in a body she hated'. When she has flare ups of the condition, she is so self-conscious she avoids going out.

20% of teenage boys are 'extremely concerned' about their weight, with experts warning eating disorders are on the rise

Eating disorders

Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital found that boys who are concerned about their weight are more likely to use drugs and binge drink.

'The only way I'll ever run a marathon is if I'm involved in the administration': Under the microscope with actress Sally Phillips

'I don't have the self-discipline for diets': Actress Sally Phillips

Sally Phillips, 43, talks about her inability to diet, her multiple bouts of food poisoning, and the reasons she might get plastic surgery.

New prostate test that identifies less harmful tumours that do not need to be removed immediately will spare men from needless surgery

Despite half of all prostate tumours being less harmful varieties, 90 per cent of patients have surgery because they are difficult to distinguish from deadly ones

Around half of 41,000 cases of prostate cancer in Britain every year are low risk and unlikely to spread, but 90 per cent of sufferers have surgery because of lack of tests.

Women who follow a Mediterranean diet are 40% more likely to live a healthy life past 70

Time to make a lifestyle change? A new study has found women on a Mediterranean diet are 40% more likely to live past 70

Women on a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish, are less likely to suffer from major chronic diseases and physical ailments.

Mother who drank 10 cans of Coke a DAY and ballooned to 14 stone loses a third of her weight thanks to slimming CD

Jo Hallam

Jo Hallam, 43, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, piled on the pounds (right)after gorging on takeaways washed down with 300 cans of full fat Coke every month. But she lost more than a third of her body weight after she met a client for a makeover who had developed a revolutionary weight-loss CD. Users listen to the CD, which gently encourages people to avoid fatty food, for 10 minutes as she fell asleep each night. Incredibly, Mrs Hallam ditched takeaways and all fizzy drinks and lost an astonishing five stone in just 10 weeks. She also started craving water and salad - both of which she had previously disliked.

The app that tells your GP you have cancer: Programme costing just £50 could save hundreds of lives a year by diagnosing deadliest forms far more quickly

A computer app has been invented which checks for signs of cancer in patients not matter which doctor or nurse they see and can send an alert to their GP if symptoms are detected

A new computer app checks for signs of cancer every time a patient visits a surgery, whoever they see, and can send an alert to their GP if symptoms are detected.

The 15-minute test for pre-eclampsia that could save hundreds of babies' lives a year

pregnant woman

Researchers have found that testing protein levels in pregnant women before 35 weeks is highly accurate in identifying those at risk.

The pill that can get arthritis sufferers moving again: A radical and surprising new option for patients crippled by painful joints

Radical new option: Methotrexate treats rheumatoid arthritis, so it is thought it could help with osteoarthritis too

The usual drug treatments for osteoarthritis are anti-inflammatory painkillers, often topped up with cortisone injections.

Could a low-salt diet help stop you snoring? A new study suggests excessive salt intake contributes to obstructive sleep apnoea


Switching to a low-salt diet could help tackle snoring, suggest Brazilian researchers. A clinical trial is underway to test the theory on patients.

Husband saved his new wife's life by donating her a kidney after she was told the day before their wedding she needed a transplant

Sarah and Conor Dalton

Conor Dalton, 31, from Dublin, gave Sarah one of his kidneys last month. She has a kidney condition, called reflux nephropathy, which means the tubes from her kidneys to her bladder are positioned wrongly so they allow urine to pass back from her bladder up to her kidneys.

The invisible obsessions ruining lives: Say 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' and you think of people constantly washing their hands. But it's not always so easy to spot...

David Bass

Physical acts (like constantly washing your hands) are the most common forms of OCD, but some sufferers like David Bass carry out their rituals entirely in their minds.

The girl as delicate as a china doll: Hollie, 4, has bones as fragile as glass that can shatter with the slightest impact

The condition has left Hollie with very brittle bones meaning her mother has to keep a constant eye on her in case she knocks herself and breaks a bone

Hollie Hunter from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, suffers from Langerhans' cell histiocytosis, which only affects one in 200,000 children.

10% of Britons are 'close to breaking point' because of stress, with people in their 40s and 50s suffering the most

One in ten Britons are so stressed they are close to breaking point - 44 per cent of British adults say they are stressed and 27 per cent of these stressed people say they are often close to breaking point

A Bupa survey has revealed that 44 per cent of Britons are suffering from stress and 27 per cent of these stressed out people are close to breaking point.

Ask the doctor: How can you soothe a painful red face?

Rosacea: There is no certain cure, so the response must focus on suppressing symptoms and improving appearance

Dr MARTIN SCURR discusses the many ways to treat rosacea AND explains why you never see the same GP anymore

New mother who beat rare cancer suffers heartbreak as her baby son is diagnosed with meningitis

Nikki Anderson, 28, had feared she would never have another child after suffering a rare cancer of the adrenal gland.

Nikki Anderson, 28, had feared she would never have another child after suffering a rare cancer of the adrenal gland. But to her utter surprise, she discovered she was pregnant after months of gruelling surgery and chemotherapy - only for baby Cody to be diagnosed with meningitis when he was just three weeks old.

Early bedtimes could combat child obesity: Study finds young who sleep for longer consume fewer calories

Researchers have found that childhood obesity is not only caused by fast food, sugary drinks and lack of exercise, but also a lack of sleep.

Scientists in Philedelphia made the discovery after adjusting the sleep patterns of 37 children, more than a quarter of whom were overweight or obese.

What's YOUR fitness age? New calculator reveals if you're old beyond your years

fitness age

By putting in how much exercise you do, your waist measurement and resting heart rate, the Norwegian website calculates how well your body delivers oxygen to the cells.

Father-of-two battling his FIFTH brain tumour manages to live long enough to get married and celebrate his daughter's first birthday

Celebrating: Mr Kirkland with daughter Anna, celebrating her first birthday  in the Scottish borders. He said: 'I never thought I'd see that day'

Tommy Kirkland, 44, from Lanarkshire, was diagnosed with a fifth deadly brain tumour just weeks after his daughter Anna was born.

Could a LASER zap away Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and even CJD?

Researchers say they have made a discovery that may allow them to eradicate Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob, or mad cow, disease using light therapy

Research published in the journal Nature Photonics revealed it is possible to distinguish clumps of proteins that cause the diseases using a laser imaging technique.

Mother suffers third-degree burns in wickless candle accident just weeks after her dream wedding


Anna Cooper, 35, from Dereham, Norfolk, suffered horrific burns when she was covered in vapour from a gel burner on her patio, pictured. A spark from the device - sometimes called a wickless candle - hit the mother-of-two in the chest and within seconds she was engulfed in flames. Mrs Cooper was taken to hospital with burns all over her chest and right arm. Remarkably, the businesswoman has now made a full recovery.

Gold top! A super-milk for athletes: Liquid packed with nutrients will boost immune system and try to ward off effects of Rio's pollution during 2016 Olympics


Bovine colostrum is packed with nutrients and studies have shown the milk can boost athletes’ immune systems during intensive physical training.

'Just one whiff of Chanel No 5 and I collapse': Father, 36, suffers from rare condition that means certain smells knock him out

Glynn Parry suffers from an extremely rare condition that causes him to collapse if he comes into contact with certain triggers, such as his wife Carrie's perfume

Glynn Parry, 36, from Wrexham, suffers from rare familial hemiplegic migraines that causes him to collapse if he comes into contact with certain triggers.

We're eating less but still getting fatter: Couch potato lifestyle means Britons are still among most obese in Europe

obese women

While the recession has lead to people buying less food, the quality of the food has also dropped meaning more obese Britons as lazy lifestyles make the problem worse.

So who's most at risk of heart attack? Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer. Here, seven brave souls have their risk assessed by our expert - the verdict could help save YOUR life

Heart attack

Heart attacks only affect super-stressed, middle-aged men, right? Wrong. Coronary heart disease is the single biggest cause of death among women, killing 30,500 women in Britain each year - three times as many as breast cancer. While smoking and fatty diets are well-known risk factors, there are other, less obvious ones. So, what are the chances of having a heart attack if you are a woman?





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