Ravalomanana was implied in a vicious campaign of propaganda and misinformation against the Mediation of SADC

The incredible Marc Ravalomanana

Maneuvers and lies of sphere of influence Ravalomanana, according to the mediators

Negotiations on the roadmap cannot and should not be unlimited. The text of the roadmap was in practice fastened. On 8 march 2011, the Mediation of SADC published a final version of the roadmap to be initialed on 9 march 2011. All main malagasy political actors whom the three spheres of influence, were invited to attend the ceremony and to initial the roadmap. Mr Ravalomanana decided not to sign the document and to continue offering more and more inopportune amendments.

His decision to drag his feet regarding the roadmap got angry the members of his sphere of influence in Madagascar, who decided to go ahead without him. So, an important group of members of his sphere of influence, aimed by a distinguished deputy TIM, Mr Yves Aimé Rakotoarison, and understanding about 70 former members TIM, decided to break with Mr Ravalomanana and to join the political actors to sign the roadmap.

It is the second fracture within his sphere of influence and of the party TIM, as his supporters are more and more discontented with his political position in the handling of political process to put an end to crisis in Madagascar.

Sphere of influence Ravalomanana came to the ceremony of signature of the roadmap, but only to prevent the group aimed by Mr Yves Aimé Rakotoarison to initial the roadmap in the name of sphere of influence. Both groups ended up signing the list of the political actors supporting the roadmap. However, Sphere of influence Ravalomanana expressed its wish to introduce reservations in the roadmap. The Mediation team of SADC adds that alone an entity which was actively involved in the roadmap could introduce reservations on the document. They accepted this decision and asked for a meeting to initial the roadmap and to introduce their reservations the following morning.

On 10 march 2011, the Mediation team of SADC met Sphere of influence Ravalomanana in this goal. However, instead of signing in first the road map, then introducing their reservations, they tried to introduce reservations, without the signature of the document. In fact, which they wanted was primarily to present of the modifications at a document which already was buckled, initialed and not being more the object of negotiations. The Mediation team of SADC refused to accept the reserves. The Ravalomanana’s sphere of influence required to come in Maputo to meet the Mediator of SADC, to initial the roadmap and to subject its reserves. To date, it did not arrive yet.

During this time, Mr. Ravalomanana and his sphere of influence were implied in a vicious campaign of propaganda and misinformation against the Mediation of SADC. Recently, he declared that the roadmap proposed does not have the support of SADC. In addition, he always supported in public speeches addressed to his partisans, brought together daily with the one of his commercial companies (Magro), which he has the full support of SADC, which recognizes him as the legitimate President of Madagascar. It thus supported that thanks to this support and to the protection of SADC, he soon will take again the power in Madagascar. It is advisable to recall that at the origin, Mr. Ravalomanana spoke about the deployment of a military brigade of SADC to bring back him to power in Madagascar, until he is advised to stop.

The vision of the mediation is that this type of comments was very prejudicial with the image, the integrity and the credibility of SADC, and indeed, some of his comments to his partisans in Madagascar, create obstacles with the good walk of the work of the mediation and should thus be clarified and not encouraged.

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Translation : Jeannot Ramambazafy

(Source : Courrier de Madagascar, 26 April 2011)


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