Southern Sudan Business Forum

The Southern Sudan Business Forum (SSBF) is a joint initiative by the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and the private sector to facilitate dialogue between the private and public sectors in order to address concerns that affect the private sector operations. It was established on 29th January 2009 as part of the Private Sector Development Project. H.E. the President of GOSS is the chairman of the forum.

The SSBF facilitates dialogue between the sectors through working groups. Currently, there are three active working groups. These are Financial Services; Trade and Tax Administration; and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Two other groups on Land as well as Agribusiness have been organized and will become active in due course.


Mr Aliga Gabriel (left) and Mr Ukuni Paul Omeson (right), the SSBF Programme Coordinator and Programme Officer respectively 

The working groups in the private sector identify concerns in their sectors and propose remedial measures such as development of policy frameworks. The groups are then brought together with the relevant public institutions to dialogue on the concerns as well as the recommendations and a way-forward is reached. The SSBF then coordinates the implementation of the agreements and keeps the groups involved abreast with the progress until actions are taken as per the resolutions.

For more information about the SSBF, please contact:

Aliga A. Gabriel
Programme Coordinator

Tel: +249-955-204-631 / +256-477-150-498

Email: /

This article was updated on Feb 19, 2010